Oud Product

Crassna Fruit Cocktail

Indo-Chinese agarwood trees of the Aquilaria Crassna species grow primarily in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This oil is a seamless blend of several different pure Indo-Chinese oud oils from various regions, that allows your nose to enjoy all the scent notes Indo-Chinese ouds have to offer, with a single swipe.

The opening note conjures the intensely sweet aroma of ripe berries. After evolving through stages which reminisce a broad range of scents including various fruits, wine gummies and molasses, it develops into a pleasant woody drydown.

Don't mistake this oil as being a 'bubblegummy' fragrance lacking seriousness. Rather, all of its fruity accents emanate from a robust, deep agarwood character.

Crassna Cocktail is a sillage monster, so its widely-broadcasted scent will announce your presence in a gathering, and thread the air with its oudy aroma.

Swipe some on, and go on an olfactory trip across Indo-China!

By the way akhee.. the Crassna Fruit Cocktail is a MONSTER Masha'Allah!!
The other day I put on a tiny swipe.. I mean tiny akhee.. and I got to the Masjid and this brother was walking behing me.. and he was approx 8ft behind me.. and he asked me what attar I had on.. I replied back with shock saying, "You can smell it?" as I was bewildered akhee how he could have smelt it.. as when I mean the drop was tiny bro.. the drop was TINY!!
S.S. (UK)

Now this oud I love, in fact this is what I expected the borneos to smell like. Fruity, sweet, intoxicating with a very rich woody background. I'm really considering a full bottle of this one.
A.M. (USA)