Oud Product


Here at last... and by (much) popular demand!

With bucketloads of Pencerahan forming its oppulent base, and infused with molten frankincense oleoresin, you know this is one special oil.
And of course there's much more...

Enfleuraged with the smoke of sinking grade agarwood, sandalwood, benzoin and frankincense, Cordoba is more along the lines of its predecessor Marrakech in that the focus is on western resins like omumburi and Egyptian myrrh.

But with Cordoba, the radical departure lies in the fact that it contains citrus extracts: lime and orange, two of the primary fruits of Spain.
As well as cedar, a key ingredient in western perfumery.

The smoke of the woods and resins gives it an undeniably eastern feel, but the cedar and citruses give it the European touch missing in eastern perfumes.

Cordoba was once the center of scholarship, modernity, and an exemplary model of of a society that boasted cultural tolerance, attracting people from all over Asia, Europe, and Africa. It was the melting pot of the Middle Ages.

Sadly, now its legacy is all but forgotten. Our Cordoba attar is a tribute to the legacy of this once-glorious city: the harmonious unity of east and west.

Please note that all of our previous Smoke Infusion Series attars sold out very quickly. We made a very large batch of Cordoba, but there's no way to predict how long it will last.

Cordoba is so comforting and I could bathe in it.  I have always been a fan of tobacco notes and the blend of smoky oils makes me think of the aroma of fine tobacco (even though I am not a smoker) but without any burnt notes, just that warm, almost floral aroma. 
J.B. (USA)

Very heavy on the Pencerahan oud, so if you liked that, I think this is a safe purchase. To me, Pencerahan was all about dry, piercingly clear woodiness. The oud is accented with frankincense. The citrus aspects of the frankincense are punched up by the addition of the lime and orange in the opening. I don't burn wood or incense, but I would imagine this smells like some very expensive burning bakhoor. The drydown loses the citrus and adds cedarwood notes.
Overall, very relaxing and meditative mood. Lighter on the sillage than some, but still quite long lasting. Very friendly, even to people who aren't acquainted with oud. I blind bought the FB and am pleased I did.
Customer (Canada)

Cordoba is out of the world! It is not for this world.. you wear it for your journeys in the spiritual world! :)
I like to put Cordoba during prayers... just calms you down! Amazing job Taha!
I am glad I purchased a bottle right away without sampling.
S.S. (USA)

Loving the Córdoba and will take all three bottles you have set aside...
A.M. (UK)

I should have ordered the 3.75 gram size.
I'm almost certain that I detected a note of what smells like camphor--sharp and cooling--gliding across the surface of the deeper scents. An hour or so later, this same scent had transformed into an unmistakable sweetness. I can sense the Sandalwood coming through. I'm actually very enthralled with it, and I can't seem to keep my nose away from my wrist--a common problem with this hobby.
C.S.G. (USA)

The Cordoba reminds me of Baghdad with the Penceran that sweetens it up a bit.  Not quite as smokey and more mellow as well.  It must be the cedar and smooth cool blend of resins that makes the whole mix "swirl" in a pleasant concoction of mellowy incensy bliss.  Reminds me of cool summer nights, driving around with a full moon light dripping through clouds of thick fog way past midnight.  The sweet smell of distant scents coming out of the dark forests full of live oaks, spanish moss, thickly resinated conifers and cedars with distant flowers such as gardenia, vanilla and cinnamon drfiting through the open car window on the thick, heavy fog rolling in off of the ocean.
E.T. (USA)