Oud Product


This here oud attar.. was a LONG time coming.
But it required an oud base with just the right scent profile, to perfectly play out the choreography of the aroma envisioned for the attar. Time and time again, small trial batches were produced but the orchestra was always off.

The 'savior' turned out to be not one but a blend of two oud oils: a super tobaccoy Indian oud, and an even more tobaccoy Cambodian oud.
Working off that base, the entire structure of this parfum was put together with emphasis on bitter, dark, and bold.

Cubano almost smells like straight oud from our $900+ range, for a fraction of the price.
This blend was put together to let the oud oils take center stage, with the other ingredients merely playing the role of accentuating the tobacco notes.

As some of you may know, I occasionally distill some oud oils for myself that cost four-figures just to produce a single bottle. Almost half of Cubano is straight top-shelf oud to begin with. On top of that, its been spiked with three more out-of-this-world oud oils which may never be released publicly.
So although some of these over-the-top quality oud oils may never get released standalone, in Cubano you are able to witness the beauty of these gems which you might otherwise never get to experience.

This is more Cuban Cohiba than Dominican. Pungent, peppery and rugged, yet refined in its overall composition. Unapologetic but elegant. With the exception of the subtlest whiffs of dark chocolate every now and then, this is easily the least sweet Agar Aura attar.

If you like your fragrances dramatic and bold, with high peaks and deep valleys, you'll definitely want to try Cubano. If you're a tobacco enthusiast, even more so. No ashtray or vegetal-leafy stuff going on here. Just awesomely bitter and dry, with the sublimest notes of black, brown and gold.

Some like their coffee more sugar than espresso. Some like their perfumes to be sickly-sweet clouds of Iso-E Super.
But if you're drawn to the bold, rugged and unapologetic, this might just become your new signature scent.

extremely oud heavy scent, and not the lighter more ethereal kind. It has a lot of dark animalic Hindi oud notes, as well as dark tobacco and smoke. Totally awesome. For an oud lover, these can go easily into a wear rotation and leave nothing to want. Really masterfully blended.
P.O. (USA)

Oud Cubano was like a whiff of coffee in that it woke me up. I didnt expect such spicy first notes, i thought a tobacco would have more of a dry middle note kind of sense but it didnt, however it was surprisingly good in a nice way.
U.M. (Mauritius)

One whiff was enough to get me ordering again. A very refined gentlemanly scent , but one that I'd be pleased to wear when all dressed up and even when relaxing at home.
Y.H. (Saudi Arabia)

I love the Cubano as much as the Lubani. Its gorgeous. I love the manly scents.

In character it reminds me of Jinko with tobacco instead of sandalwood... but it also melds together more especially in the later stages. It seems simple but this allows the quality of the ingredients to stand out, it emphasizes this rather than contrasts between notes. And while it's reminiscent of tobacco there's a lot more going on, it's just all within the "confines" of the tobacco accord.
D.C. (USA)