Oud Product


Dao is Laotian for "star".
In the wilderness, when you gaze at the stars studding a clear night sky, its a wondrous sight to behold. Unscathed by metropolitan light pollution, the glittering canvas stretching across the heavens is a sight the modern-day urbanite seldom gets to witness.

Dao is a wild pusong (high mountain) Lao oud oil.
Untainted by distillation techniques that have come to define, for many, what Laotian oud 'should' smell like, this oil instead smells like what it should smell like: the wood it was extracted from. An aroma the modern-day oud lover seldom gets to experience.

Although in terms of the grade of wood used for this distillation Dao is the introductory level oil from the 3-part series, it is by no means a low quality oil.
Quick refresher: even less resinated wood from a high quality (old) tree if distilled with love and care, will yield an oil superior to that extracted from more resinated wood that was harvested from a low grade young tree.

Dao embodies the most salient features of the rare Aquilaria Sinensis specie of agarwood. Like a cross between agarwood from Central Vietnam, Hainan, and Myanmar, it possesses some of the aromatic facets of each of them.
Pungent, rooty, bitter woody, medicinal, this is as "oudy" as oud gets.

I am genuinely over the moon. I have never experienced a Laotian like Dao before! From my initial assessment, clearly it's an oil that is heart and base-heavy, and so oudy, just how I like them.
P.C. (USA)

In Dao I get notes of fruit laced tobacco, slight notes of American ginseng all wrapped in a spicy oudy core. Colors that come to mind are orange and yellow. Instantly likable!
C.B. (USA)

I am loving the Dao it is my first Laos oil and I am still studying it, it smells great with a complexity I didn’t expect from the lower grade of the 3. It definitely reminds me of Vietnam oil but with a twist.
N.S. (Australia)

Smells like a quality oil,reminds me a bit of Chinese oil with slight medicinal edge and something else, I want to say vanilla but that doesn't sound quite right, also gets a nod to its proximity to Vietnam. Really nice oil that I will be wearing a lot

Raw, unfiltered, Chinese and medicinal Vietnam combined = Oud and nothing else.
A.K. (USA)