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Ghaliyah Al-Molook

'Ghaliyah' was a term used in the medieval Arabian tradition to refer to perfumes created using the most precious aromatics - typically ambergris, musk, and oud being the star ingredients.
Today, there are many products in the Arabian perfume market featuring the name Ghaliyah, but none of them bear any resemblance to the Ghaliyah formulations of old.

Agar Aura is proud to present the only ghaliyah in the market right now that utilizes techniques that are ancient yet yield amazing results.
The formulas that were referred to include those used for creating ghaliyah perfumes made for the likes of Harun Al-Rashid, Mamun Al-Rashid, and other royal dignitaries of the Abbasid court, as well as the formulas recorded by Abu Nasr Al-Cohen, the medieval Jewish-Arab doctor-perfumer.

Featuring authentic deer musk, the highest quality ambergris, and oud that we literally made for a Sultan (his majesty Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei), Ghaliyah Al-Molook is not a simple blend of different essential oils. It is a precious gem, not just because of the ingredients used but also due its exotic and unique aroma.

It utilizes the forgotten techniques of maceration and enfleuraging that were used back in the day for optimal aroma extraction. The base of ambergris, musk and oud was carefully embellished with precious floral and spice extracts used by the medieval masters.

Macerated ambergris... enfleuraged and macerated musk... enfleuraged, macerated and distilled oud... could anything be done to make it any better? You bet! Although these techniques are ancient, their implementation for making Ghaliyah Al-Molook was modern. The use of pure ambergris absolute of pharmaceutical grade purity instead of raw ambergris, triple-filtered musk carefully enfleuraged and macerated using digitally controlled heating, and high grade artisanally extracted oud as well as macerated sinking grade agarwood make an amazing recipe even better.
Forget about modern-day perfumes that feature ambergris, musk, or oud "notes". Our ghaliyah has nothing to do with those; this is the real stuff blended to perfection.

Ok, Ghaliya.. I don't even know what to say other than you REALLY should consider another release of it :)
I have a love-hate relationship with animal musk: meaning I've disliked all but one (and that one was a commercially blended product, which probably implies synthetics), until I've tried Ghaliya. Ahhh-mazing! People have mentioned "buttery"; it is sooo smooth and delectable, the scent seems to literally roll off your skin. It has the olfactory texture of coconut butter left at room temperature. Interestingly, with my skin chemistry, the musk is light, and purrs gently front and center, but on my kid's wrist (he tailed me around begging for a swipe:-), it transforms into a deep, chocolate coffee tango of agarwood and musk.
In closing, I would just like to say PLEASE make more of this otherworldly concoction!! I'm quite certain there are ranks of people ready to get their hands on a bottle:) I'm certainly regretting missing that opportunity :(
C.G. (USA)

I had a very happy day: first in the morning, the Ghaliyah arrived. Wow, wow wow... I seriously consider giving my oud collection away and trade it a second and third bottle of Ghaliyah!
The scent opens with mysterious notes... I guess it´s Malaysian oud, as it reminded me a bit of the softer notes of Kemewahan and Cantik Candan.
But when the musk comes through all I want is to drink in the scent...
Soon the ambergris adds just a hint of sea spray and it softly supports the musk, and then jasmine shines through--  the floral notes are simply exhilarating!
I had only applied a tiny swipe (as I always do when I get to know a new oil)  but I think,  tomorrow "tiny" will not do!
This stuff is too good to be true -- a shame that full bottles are already sold out, and now only samples are available...
T.S. (Germany)

Oh my god, this is so amazing. I have never smelled anything like this! This attar really smells like something from the past. This has become my new favorite all time attar. You are a true genius brother Taha, and if you have any more great ideas that bring the past back to life, I'm mostly certain that I will probably be loving it, haha.
J.A. (USA)

Just been wearing the Ghaliyah for about an hour and this is a very smooth sweet musk with a little woodiness. I can't detect any spice, rather just buttery smooth goodness. So far this is hands down the best musk fragrance I've come across. I even like it more than Bait Al Ateeq. Cool work dude :)
R.S. (Australia)

Ghaliyah Al-Molook is masterfully crafted. The techniques that where artfully employed in making this attar give it an unusual depth and complexity!
Swiping a bit of this precious alchemical elixir will provide you with hours of olfactory pleasure! At first it is all about oud....quickly followed by the musk. Somewhere in the mix I pick up a very subtle but pleasurable tobacco note. In the background I perceive a deliciously spicy floral jasmine wrapped up in the oceanic depths of ambergris.....always smothered in the most lovely musk note I've had the pleasure of smelling. As the attar unfolds the frankincense, rose and spices make their presence known, supported and anchored by the musk and Mysore sandalwood. The oud seems to impart a woodiness to the dry down of Ghaliyah that is absolutely magical.
This is the attar I've been searching for! No single note dominates or is out of place in this blend. Not a single off putting note from start to finish. All the ingredients to my nose are of the highest quality and couldn't possibly have been mixed any better! Great projection and a very unisex scent make this a must have for any fine fragrance collector.
C.B. (USA)

This is probably the finest perfume I've ever tried, and not just by a little bit. Sure, it's expensive but unlike many niche perfume houses, the price is justified by the sheer quality and expense of the ingredients used. Please save me a 3g bottle, this is a must-have!
D.C. (USA)

I wore Ghalya to the Masjid today and ma Sha Allah. You have got something wonderful here. The floral opening notes are very well balanced and the ambergris is very pronounced giving it brilliance and softness. There is a lot of smokiness but not overwhelming midway and the musk which was much harder to ascertain in the beginning starts to emerge giving it a slight edge/a welcomed dirtiness so to speak. The oud is the enigma in this combination for it envelops everything and yet it does not stand out even at the dry-down stage. Was it a hindi or a Malaysian oud if I  may ask? This scent straddles a curious fence between western and eastern perfume refusing to be categorized.
H.S. (USA)