Oud Product


If a vibrant green scent is what you seek, its hard to beat Harita.

So you already tried Ceylon No. 1 and Ceylon No.2, and now that you've smelled those, you can understand why we had been unwavering in our resolve since 2014 to craft Sri Lankan oud - well before most folks even know Sri Lankan oud was a thing. Its simply awesome.

Harita is our third Sri Lankan installment, and she's a radical departure from her two predecessors. Once again, hydro distilled in copper and glass apparatus, but this time the extraction techniques and the raw material itself were significantly different.

If 'golden sunshine' could be used to describe the texture of the previous two oils, this one is 'frosty blast'.

With less honey and florals, here you've got an overload of ripe guava, green apple, and Mosambi (sugary sweet green limetta) together with a hefty dose of crystalline frosty top notes, and a touch of cinnamon. Evolving on your skin, the green apple and cinnamon notes persist whereas the others slowly recede, so be forewarned that this oud could suddenly make you crave grammy's apple pie.
Evolved some more, and the classic Sri Lankan bittersweet resin + warmed cardamom and cinnamon sing the ending notes.

Although Agar Aura's official position on the issue of "seasonal oud scent" is that all oud oils are suitable for all seasons, if there was ever an oud that was made for summer... this is it.

Outward. Essence of green but in a polite fashion. Scent of Light green colour not deep dark green. Subtle camphoric notes, delicate spearmint, open airy tropical jungle notes with subtle blossoms and fruits (green mango, barely ripe guava) lurking in the background.
Once the oil settles, the green softens while it remains, a more warming baking spices emerge. Finish is delicate mon-koh type woody scent with green apple and guava poking out here and there. A day scent and one for spring summer and early fall imho.
Final notes: summer in a bottle. A scent so lovely for day time wear. Energizing, uplifting and has me giddy up. Very nicely done sir.
R.S. (Canada)

Harita...oh my. Such a beautiful and delicate oud. The opening isn't harsh, the transition to sweet, woody and oudy is so smooth and seamless. It's the best Sri Lankan I've ever smelled...
It's a steal for the price you are offering it.
M.A. (USA)

Harita is the Oud of the afternoon for myself and my son for our afternoon round of golf on this hot summer day. If there is a better oud for being out in the sun in summer heat, then I am not aware of it. This oil is as refreshing as a cool glass of iced tea. Lovely sweet green melon intertwined with bright cool minty notes. He loved it. I loved it.
I am really beginning to appreciate these Sri Lankan Ouds. So different from any other region but also very different from each other.
P.O. (USA)

Harita is my most worn oud of recent times, the best thing about it for me is how it blooms on the skin, giving strong cooling wafts in the heat.
R.S. (USA)

Crisp, green, uplifting, verging on the minimal. A beautiful oud by a master craftsman.
R.S. (UK)

J'en profite pour te dire que je trouve Harita de plus en plus belle. Certes , une très belle entrée mais beaucoup de subtilité ensuite et notamment , le lendemain sur les vêtements. (Comme déjà dit , une note également savonneuse très agréable.)
J.M.S. (France)

Très belle également , agréable . Vert , oui et longue durée. Elle aussi me paraît savonneuse sur la fin...
J.M.S. (France)

I can see where you are coming from with the apple pie on the Sri Lankan i get tons of green apple in the beginning with sharp spices and so on very nice.
J.S. (USA)

It just got me addicted when I wore it yesterday, it has the unmistakably Sri Lankan profile, but there is something like some clear Thai oils or even close some Borneos which is intriguing, beautiful top notes, exotic fruits, mint, has the smooth sandalwood like scent, and its very fresh :)
Y.B. (France)

I have my arm against my nose for about 30 minutes now with this one…
Y.B. (France)