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Hindi 1

Bottom line: what you have here is barnyard galore.

By now, you would have realized that Agar Aura's focus is producing oud oils that accurately capture the aroma of their origin: agarwood. Clean, sweet, woody, and resinous.

The presence of barnyard notes in an oud is generally the antithesis of Agar Aura's preferred way of doing things, because the source of the barnyard note you typically encounter in ouds is due to unsanitary distillation practices.

But the question is: is that always the case? The answer is no.

Say namaste to Hindi 1. A classic Indian oud with good ol' funk - but distilled under conditions *so* pristine and clean that they would rival a surgeon's scalpel platter.

The standard rule is that the barnyard aroma arises from bacteria, fungus, mould and yeast growth triggered by soaking the raw materials in drums of dirty water (the longer the soak or the filthier the water, the stronger the barnyard aroma).

But the way we decided to do it was totally different. To understand how, let's talk about how fermentation occurs.
A pile of rotting fruits cannot be compared to the careful and precise fermentation of the finest Bordeux grapes in a controlled setting. Fermentation can be triggered by yeast, fungus, or bacteria. Each type of fermentation produces different aromas (and flavors, in the case of fine wines). Furthermore, different strains within each category produce different results (fans of fine cheeses should know exactly what I'm talking about).

We introduced, nay designed, the barnyard notes differently in this oud compared to every other funky Hindi you can lay your hands on today.
Imagine the effects of careful agarwood fermentation triggered only by the very fungus that triggers the production of the agarwood oleoresin inside the tree itself, and not by foreign strains introduced through unsanitary distillation practices.

Hindi 1 has glorious leather and hay, by the bucketloads. This is a full bodied, rich, classic Hindi. Yes, there are undercurrents of spices, cocoa beans, cream, and the slightest hint of fall fruits, but the spotlight is always on the barnyard elements together with rich, dry woodiness.
My own theory is that the first-ever Indian ouds of the funky genre utilized a fermentation process similar to Hindi 1. In fact, if you have ever smelled Indian ouds distilled a half century ago, you will instantly notice the resemblance between them and Hindi 1 (think Hindi Brut scent profile, with Hindi Qademe elegant silkiness).

This is an oud that captures the life-and-death struggle of the agarwood tree. A battle with the fungus that can one day kill the tree, but a battle that makes the aroma of the oleoresin more beautiful and captivating with each passing year.

More than just a scent, this oud bequeaths an experience: the story of the tree.
Hindi 1. Classic funk, Agar Aura style.

I had to write you to tell you what a beautiful Oud you have in Hindi 1 all the way through from the first swipe to the dry down. 
U.A. (USA)

It's barnyard is all animal leather and hay to me without being fecal. Dark and dense. The dry down is a musky, burnt wood. There is very little sweetness in this oil but it is surprisingly smooth, at least to my nose. This is very different from the floral and fruit forward Thai and Cambodis that are out there. Give it a try if you are looking for something bold to add to your collection. I also layer this with Ta'if oil and it is amazing.
R.W. (USA)

This Hindi goes back to the “old” oils I used to enjoy and that nobody is making any more. There’s smoke. There’s wood. There’s a bit of fruit. And there’s even a hint of that ether notes in these “modern” light oils. I like it’s darkness and I like its edginess. This is not an edge that doesn’t seem to belong- that seems like a weed in a flower garden. This is an edge that is integral to the design, a cornerstone, an edge that juts out with dynamic pride and maybe even a hint of scorn. It is an oud that flexes its muscles but it’s not a bully. It has aplomb and distinction. It stands tall.
M.W. (USA)

The Hindi is also amazing, and I do not care for barnyard notes. It’s very special. The only reason I can see that it might not sell out the first day also, would be if folks have not had an opportunity to try it yet :)
M.I. (USA)

incredibly refined for a barnyard Indian oil! I think this could've been such a huge hit at its given price point. It scent is like overlapping Sasora with a more traditional Hindi; roasting woods, but without smoke, subtle sweetness, but without being saccharine, gentle freshness, but without overwhelming hay notes -- very very nice!
C.G. (USA)

This one potent oud! And I really, really, really like it! It has so much character. It is super grizzle-y!!! Now, I know everyone these days is loving these floral oils, and the first time I smelled them I kind of keeled over myself because they were so unsual, but I MUCH prefer this Indian oil. It, to me, is the real deal!!!
M.W. (USA)

Taha,  this is spectacular!  Funk, leather, some fruit, maybe a bit of musk and wood.  Some more leather and wood.  Thank you!
L.M. (USA)

Well done with this man, mashAllah.
A very deep sweetness to it. Yea man I'm really glad I went for it. A nice addition to my Hindi collection.
It's less barny than I was expecting from te description crazily enough. I was worried it would be unbearably barny.
T.G. (Dubai)

J'ai essayé et vraiment , superbe : un bon "vieux"oud classique , comme on connaît d'habitude... Effectivement , une entrée en matière qui peut être rude pour quiconque n'a jamais senti de oud. Mais je trouve que l'odeur s'arrondit assez vite et se fait même addictive. (3-4 heure plus tard , une note de réglisse...). Je trouve également ce hindi 1 parfait pour ajouter une touche personnelle "animalisée"à nos parfums plus classiques.
J.S. (France)

Oooh je crois que je suis tombé en amour de hindi 1 ! J'ai eu l'occasion d'essayer plusieurs fois et , incroyable...! Je le redis , il devient vraiment addictif et après 30 minutes , je le trouve comestible. Dans mes goûts personnels , il vient supplanter Jumanten !
J.S. (France)