Oud Product

Hindustan No.1

I won't say much about it, as the aroma and profuse energy of Hindustan No.1 are not something I can do justice to, by putting into words.
The wood hailed from the treacherous highlands of the Mokokchung region in the Indian state of Nagaland, a very unique sub-category of Indian agarwood. Much like Malinau in Borneo, Nha Trang in Vietnam, or Pursat in Cambodia.

On my skin, the oil lasts 24+ hours.
The top notes are chords of blue lotus and wildflower, that give way to a massively fat round heart of creamy wood (similar to old Mysore sandalwood), while the drydown boasts the classic Indian notes of berries, dry hay, moist tobacco, sweet wood, and spices warmed under a summer sun.
These are but feeble metaphors to express the aroma in words.
A more accurate description: the unmistakable mountainous 'blue' aroma of Mokokchung agarwood.

As for the sheer energy of the oil, I can't put it in words. You have to experience it for yourself.

No clever tricks or tweaks were used to warp the aroma, neither to improve upon nor to diminish it. Just a meticulously choreographed distillation with the sole aim of preserving what nature had to offer.
This is Mokokchung agarwood bottled, aroma and energy intact.

Here is a video of a conversation I had with a visiting oud lover after he got to smell the first two pulls of this oil:

We really enjoyed trying the last three samples of your ouds. All of them are rich and great and have the best qualities we’ve ever tried. But... after trying Hindustan No.1 no one of us could say ANY word! And we still cannot...
L.K. (France)

Simply one of the best Ouds if not the best oud I have ever tried!!
A.K. (USA)

This is an oil which is hard to describe. In some way it like no hindi I have smelled and in another way its like most of the good Hinid's I have smelled, combined. As an overall scent assesment, this oil has so much going on it is difficult to fully try to comprehend. What is does, and I cannot figure out how, is manage to be a clean non-barn Hindi, a barn Hindi, and a non-barn barn Hindi. On top of that, you have an almost "chilli" mountain air quality, a haunting blue note, underpinnigs of dark cherries, spices, tobacco and leather. Just to name a few. This may be the most complex smelling Oud oil I have ever experienced. This is like a combined Masters and PhD course in oud oil study, all in one. And that means, I am going to have to hit the books.
P.O. (USA)

Sacred and just sacred it is.
R.M. (Pakistan)

Seriously this is the lightest color Hindi oil I have ever seen. Also the most beautiful I have ever smelled.
A.Z. (USA)

My experience with the Hindustan has only been on several good wearings but what I get is a top to bottom prism of layered scent elements which to my nose cover the essence of Hindi agarwood. With the remarkably crisp mountainous air and the haunting blue note which faintly teases you if you wait for it. The oil has a crisp clean profile but in no way does it lack the deep and animalic aspect many of us adore Hindi Oud for. It is unmistakable Hindi Oud. Yet, it is so sophisticated. This oil is appropriate for a classy night on the town, and certainly special occasions.
P.O. (USA)

Hindustan No.1 this morning...incredible Hindi oil. The core Hindi scent is there, ala [...], but with more complexity. To my nose, H1 is airy and uplifting. A masterpiece from Taha and addicting.
S.G. (USA)

The oil is special and encapsulates a wider genre of Hindi Ouds in a single oil. Considering its young age it seemed like a pretty mature oil without being sharp or too loud. Bright sunshine hay, honey sweetness, toffee and caramel incense, very gentle antique woodiness. Im not sure when/if this is being realised but it would be a benchmark Hindi.
H.K. (UK)

This oil is unbelievable... Psychoactive effects like kinam!! Just picked it up... It’s clearing out my brain seriously
R.S. (UK)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Hindustan!! I think I can live in this oil. The sheer depth and beauty is indescribable. The inner and outer component mix so well together. It seems they were made for each other.
Hands down this oil just catapulted to the top of all my oils...
A.K. (USA)

wow! this is a serious wow oil. [...] like body/style but a slightly to moderately different and prettier of a scent. high mountain, glacier like scent. i see that something blue but not that obvious (which i am happy). super refined, super fine, and terrific hindi. to come from me i guess it means something. the hay is there. that coumerinic note. the super clean barn. but it comes and goes and it is so light on its feet. this stuff is awesome. price is high, but a small purchase is a must for every one. mark my words: this will be a benchmark oil for all to be comapred to for years if not decades to come. this will be a legand. a masterpiece and even more so than philipina no 1, the quadro of vietnamese oils... this is even considered on a higher plain in my eyes and experience than syed ascent or even much beloved royal malinau.
R.S. (Canada)

this is unmistakable agalocha from high country. but also unmistakable taha signature that manages to bring ethereal and elegant qualities to all agarwood of all origins. and is also unmistakable hindi to my nose. is not burma or laos. wearing hindustan 1 gives me ecstatic feelings with a path to reach euphoria. it makes me realize and be reminded of all the beauty in this world despite all the nasty and help focus more on the beauty.
R.S. (Canada)