Oud Product

Berkilau Hitam

Berkilau Hitam, Melayu for 'glittery black', is paradoxical by name, scent, and its very nature.

Using identical agarwood raw material to what was used for making our most sparkly oud, Berkilau, we decided to do a little experiment...

Most distillers consider the first pull to be the best grade (the first 1/3 span of the full distillation process), followed by the second and third pulls, respectively. Up until last year, we too mostly sold only first pull oils - and sometimes the first and second pulls combined. Rarely did we offer oils that spanned all the pulls.
Typically third/last-pull oils, with their brutish, sour, and abrasive notes (think rancid olive oil) are not considered fit for selling as high quality ouds - distillers don't want to damage their reputation by selling such foul smelling oils.

But the problem is that the richest and heaviest aromatic compounds are only extracted during the last pull. So the tradeoff is to either get a better-smelling but 'incomplete' oud, or to get a 'complete' oud which includes the foul smelling fractions.

Then came the development of our absolute latest, best, and the most scientifically superior distillation techniques. Using these revolutionary extraction methods, we made oils like Berkilau, Royal Pursat, and Ketenangan. Oils that dropped jaws, and left eloquent oud connoisseurs speechless in an echanted stupor.
Guess what... these oils consist of every single fraction, every single pull including the last pull, of the oud extract!
How did we manage to do this? By going against the grain and making fundamental changes to standard oud distillation theory, our last pulls are in fact more pristine and cleaner smelling than most first-pull oils you find in the market.

For a change, here's where we decided to do the exact opposite of what virtually all distillers do. After separating the first pulls of this distillation, we decided to present the very last pull. as a standalone product.
This is Berkilau Hitam. An oil that violates all conventions.

Berkilau Hitam is Kemewahan's even smokier cousin (Kemewahan lovers, take note). But where Kemewahan was a full-spectrum extraction, Berkilau Hitam is the pure isolated base-note fractions of the agarwood extract (and approximately 6 times higher in quality: Berkilau raw materials). This is pure wood, resin, and smoke. These are the same aromatic fractions that most people associate with actual burning agarwood, Fractions which are either missing altogether in many oud oils, or extracted using inferior distillation techniques.

Scientifically speaking, this oil literally consists of only the heaviest, densest, richest aromatic compounds found in agarwood (read: darkest smelling). Having said that, when you first uncap the bottle make sure you have your goggles on. There is an initial blinding explosion of 'top-note base-notes' (for lack of a better phrase), and you will instantly make the connection with Berkilau.
As the 'top' notes settle down, you get a bitter-woody aroma instead of the usual sour, oily and nauseating notes typically found in last-pull oils. The smell of copious plumes of smoke rising from a glistening black roasted agarwood chip instead of the usual burnt plastic aroma of last-pull oils.

How did we manage to do this? Well, that's our little secret. But the result is something we're happy, nay, proud to share with you.

As a matter of fact, here's a fun experiment for you to do: smoke a shirt with agarwood chips from South Malaysia, and rub Berkilau Hitam onto another shirt. The next morning, try to figure out which one was which.

Please note: although we prefer to use every single fraction (i.e. all the pulls) of the extract for our oud oils to give you the richest possible oud experience, this particular oil is deliberately being sold as a standalone last-pull oud, just to show you the brilliance and superiority of our unique distillation techniques and for your 'ouducation', to familiarize you with the unwarped aroma of the heaviest (base note) fractions of oud.

So now, when you sniff an oud like Royal Pursat on your wrist you don't have to wonder how the aroma could be so reminiscent of heated agarwood, rich, and 'complete'. You'll know exactly why. Its because it is the richest and finest oud extract, with every single fraction extracted most optimally.