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The 'hulubalang' were the military nobility of Medieval Malaysia, much like the Samurai in Japan.
Distilled from wild agarwood harvested in Perak State in Malaysia, Hulubalang captures one of the four primary Aquilaria Malaccensis scent genres: rugged, dark, and intense – like a hulubalang warrior.

The first time I heated the wood... is a memory that's burned into my brain.
So too is the moment when I inhaled the first whiffs of the oil at the distillery, and then looking over at Muhamad as he stood there grinning, his eyes open as wide as my own.

The aroma of the oil, just like the fumes from the heated raw wood, pierces into the cranium like a scimitar.

Like our old Malaysian oils Sempurna and Cantik Candan, the darkness is infinitely deep. However, unlike those two oils, the dark scent profile in this case is not the by-product of distillation methodology, rather it was intrinsic to the wood itself (this is a Gen3 oud oil). Hulubalang smells exactly like wood chips of the raw material fuming on your burner.

Zesty red resin. Oriental spices and sizzling chili flakes dancing in a wok. Palm-sugar sweetened tamarind candy. Dark wood, and gooey resin bubbles popping on the surface of heated chips. There is a cola presence that is more discernible during the initial stages, but it recedes to the background during the middle stages, only to come back together with dry agarwood petrichor during the final drydown.

Our Hulubalang may be a fierce warrior, but he has a sweeter side too that emerges every now and then, and gets stronger and stronger as the oil develops on your skin. Notes of lilacs and heliotrope become dominant and constant during the middle stage of the scent development, but quiet down in the drydown, only peeking out every now and then as the scent develops on your skin.

Hulubalang was distilled from the agarwood collected from one single tree, which is highly unusual and rare in this day and age. And that makes the dynamic scent profile all the more impressive because unlike most oud oils which are distilled from agarwood collected from many trees, every single scent note in Hulubalang comes from that one tree.

No tweaks, no tricks, just the pure essence of Perak oud.

Hulubalang is so grounding my god ..yesterday was colours(after deep meditation)you can sleep with a bottle and maybe bilocate somewere..its safe because there is no anger in the oils or bad energy at all.but you need to be sensitive to do that and you can actualy get healed by holding them..its like crystal for the smell its amazing.its etherial can experience something different from other oils because its full of energy and it speaks to your consiousness (well if you are not into energy )without understanding it :)
X.C. (Cyprus)

On Sunday evening around 6, after showering, I dabbed Royal Jerai. LOVED IT. It held well until around 2AM, I was watching the flix. 
R.R. (USA)

I am getting sweet Jaggery notes in the opening along with a brew of ice cold tea. The coolness/minty notes coming out is something so beautiful.
The oceanic notes of Malaya are vividly present.
It’s so wonderful to experience the evolution of these oils and where they are heading.
Simply a superb oil wow.
A.K. (USA)

Hulu is such a nice mix man now I can swipe guilt free hahah…
For anyone who missed out on Malaya.. this is the female version haha...
Def has a kick to it
N.C. (USA)

Hulu is a hidden gem man
Customer (USA)

Hulus opening is marvelous. The drydown is what is reminding me of the tigerwoods.
Z.M. (USA)

Hulu is a darker more primal Malaya at this point
A.N. (USA)

Hulu is something special albeit the RJ may be higher in grade
A.N. (USA)

Hulubalang is a very interesting oil.
A.Z. (USA)

Hulubalang is incredible, similar aquatic type notes to Ayu but even darker and retail price is a giveaway.
Customer (USA)

Really an awesome group of oils. Pra probably my favorite scent profile so far. Others not far behind including Hulu.
M.B. (USA)

When I tried Hulubalang.. it was a love child between Royal Jerai and Malaya
N.C. (USA)