Oud Product

Borneo Hutan

Were it not for Tom Ford beating us to it, we would have called this oil "Oud Wood".

There are ouds that are fruity, and those that are are floral. Some bring herbaceous metaphors to the palette, and some are outright animalic.

The best way to describe Borneo Hutan is to say that it is the very definition of woodiness - the agarwood note dominates the scent spectrum from opening note to dry down.

There is no doubt that one of the aspects of oud oils that we enjoy is the multi-faceted nature of their scent. But some times they may leave us unsatisfied. For those times when we just crave something wildly woody, and don't want other aspects of the scent stealing the spotlight, Borneo Hutan will give you a hearty agarwoody satisfaction like no other oil. What is perhaps the most fascinating thing about this oil is that it smells identical to the scent of gently-heated Borneo chips.

How many a newcomer to the world of oud was surprised to sniff an oud oil expecting to enjoy the very essence of woodiness, only to be caught off-guard by other scent notes present in the oil. And how many a seasoned collector has hoarded countless bottles of ouds, only to be left craving a more satisfying agarwood experience.
To both we say: have no fear, Borneo Hutan is here.

Having made it very clear that woodiness is the key feature of this oil, it goes without saing that this oud oil obviously has more to offer. There are subtle hints of melon rind, citrus, and wild flowers that emerge as the oil evolves on the skin.

We were very fortunate to obtain this oil from our trusted Indonesian distiller who also distilled Oud Malinau and the now sold-out Borneo Jewel. What makes this oil special is that he used wood from wild trees from the very same region in Borneo where he himself resides. So he was able to procure wood that was significantly higher quality than what he would get for the same price if he acquired wood from other parts of the island. The resulting richness and potency is clearly evident in the resulting oil.