Oud Product

Hutan Kalimantan

Starting with our first blend ever, Mukhallat Naqi, Agar Aura's aim has always been to let you enjoy scent experiences that you cannot find anywhere else.

Hutan Kalimantan is the deepest and darkest mukhallat you can imagine, and one of the most unusual too. One drop of Hutan Kalimatan is enough to transport you to the deepest, darkest depths of a Borneo jungle.

Featuring just about the woodiest oud oil from East Kalimantan you can imagine, the rugged woodiness is softened with two varieties of oakmoss, and deepened with Indonesian vetiver.

With the warm balsamic-ambery aroma of Ravensara, the soothing earthy scent of ginger, and lively absinthe adding subtle background notes to the oud-oakmoss-vetiver trio, Hutan Kalimantan is thoroughly engaging but never too overwhelming. You will be amazed at how smooth it is because in fact (like all other Agar Aura attars) it is a blend of full-strength aromatics and has not been diluted using DPG, glycerin or any other dilutants, stretching agents or carrier oils. From opening to drydown, all the scent notes are fused to each other so tightly that they unfold and evolve seamlessly as one ingredient.

The oakmoss and vetiver together with tree tars intertwine with the bold woodiness of the oud giving it depth, and the bright and fresh vetiver together with pink pepper and galbanum bring out the naturally high upper-register notes found in all high grade Borneo ouds.

Hutan Kalimantan - a jungle in a bottle.

Please note: since only ingredients derived from natural sources were utilized, natural oakmoss extract (a crucial part of this attar) and tree tars are part of this blend. Allergies to oakmoss and tree tars are mild and extremely rare, but do exist.

Still going through the oils, but really slowly. Your Hutan Kalimantan should have the name Incense attached, was very unexpected. Really smooth excellent smell of incense burning. Was pretty amazing...!
M.H. (UK)

beautifully blended as all you mukhallats are. This definitely evokes a forest but there is a delicate white floral note I cannot quite place.
M.M. (Canada)

I am very happy with the Hutan Kalimatan does indeed invite one into
a very deep jungle. I come from Hawaii and the scents in the "old" days are definitely in your mukhallat!
L.K. (USA)

Your HK, is mind boggling...absolutely mind boggling!!!!!  It's's an utter beast!!  I'm not sure what I like better, for different reasons of course, Agar Attar or HK...!??!
You have a talent indeed Taha, you have been blessed!!
S.P. (Canada)

Loved Hutan straight off the bat it was so well composed that to my naive mind it was a pure oud oil, the nicest  Borneo i have ever tried that was my initial thought, anyway it was a no brainer and i ordered right away.
C.T. (U.K.)

Package arrived yesterday, looking forward to trying everything, but I immediately tore into the Hutan Kalimantan.  When I opened the package I could smell it but didn't know which one it was.  When I identified the one that was setting off the tingly sensations, I was so pleased to see it was the oud-vetiver-oakmoss combo.
C.S. (USA)

It really is a green smell, it goes a bit in the direction of some commercial scents, like Amazone by Hermes (although last time i smelled it was like more than 25 yrs. ago), but it's all natural oud ensemble, and quite different from your other mukhallats.
A.A. (Croatia)