Oud Product

Idaina Dento

Our first attempt to create a mukhallat inspired by Japanese incense, Nippon Koh, was met with great success and popularity. Idaina Dento is another oud-based mukhallat inspired by the Japanese incense tradition.

Some of you may have heard rumors of AgarAura's Vietnamese agarwood distillation. The rumors were true. It was one of AgarAura's earliest custom distillations and has been aging for a long time. Unfortunately, the cost of wood that was used was so high that it wasn't feasible to release it as a standalone product, due to the price. The wood for distilling this oil was harvested from a forest in the Khanh Hoa province - one of the four forests which are traditionally regarded as being the sole sources for true Kinam.
The oil was mythical, no doubt - but of what use was an oud that I couldn't share with others?

Fine Vietnamese agarwood is the most prized ingredient in high end Japanese incense. I concluded that the best use for our Vietnamese oil would be in a blend inspired by the Japanese incense tradition.

It opens with a burst of rugged woodiness, intermingled with ginger, spices, herbs, and crowned with a frosty tiara. A healthy dose of aged Mysore sandalwood oil rounds out the scent. Precious pink lotus and vanilla tame and unite the bolder notes seamlessly, and carry the scent gently from opening to dry down. Indian papyrus emerges after the oil has developed on the skin for some time, giving it a dry crackliness.

If you are not acquainted with the Japanese incense tradition, this blend will be a nice introduction. If you are a seasoned addict already, you will be delighted by what this blend offers.

Tanoshinde kudasai.

Your Idaina Dento is hands down the best Mukhallat ever...
It's just so cool and somber like a sage, old shogun in meditation. This is a kaleidoscopic journey in Edo, and Kyoto you don't want to miss.
A.J. (Saudi Arabia) 

I keep getting whiffs of this wonderful, spicy, cinnamon-y, woody aroma. The agarwood (oud) is mingled throughout, like a gilded thread tying the whole together. Guys, I have to say -- this is really beautiful stuff.
E.S. (USA)

I have been using Idaina Dento exclusively since the last week and I can't get enough of it. I am really liking it a lot.
S.S. (Australia)