Oud Product

Indah Sumbawa

Distilled in early 2014, Indah Sumbawa is the very last oud we got from our old Indonesian distiller, who had crafted for us masterpieces like Kemenyan, Kencana, and Pulau Maluku.

Given the near-extinct status of wild agarwood and the hardship involved in acquiring it, he has retired and is now focusing on more profitable business ventures.
That makes Indah Sumbawa the very last Agar Aura oud oil that's from him.

Gyrinops Spp. agarwood from Sumbawa is very closely related to Sri Lankan Gyrinops Walla Patta agarwood. They both have an intense 'calorie-rich' aroma when heated and that potency is a salient feature of this oil as well.
The tenacity is very impressive, as is the silage.

But unlike Gyrinops agarwood from other regions, the Sumbawa variety in particular has a very unusual quality, and that's the fact that it has strong musk characteristics as well as musky scent notes.

If you've never never smelled Sumbawa oud before, you'd think this is a blend of Brunei oud, Papua oud, deer musk, and Himalayan musk rose.
And what's even more fascinating is that aside from the musky aroma, it also features the unusual property of musk: it interplays with your skin chemistry, amplifying your natural skin scent, and makes it very aphrodisiacal.

Dark woods, bubbling palm sugar, soaked tobacco leaves, date juice, ambergris, musk, and musk rose... this is one phenomenal perfume - especially for the price.

And just to be clear: this is not a blend; Indah Sumbawa is 100% pure oud.

Indah Sumbawa has opening notes that race through my nervous system and  its dry down is a olfactory dynamic that has really grabbed my attention (not being a musk user) 
S.K. (Ireland)

he Indah Sumbawa is such a dark delicious scent that seems to entrance the senses with it’s meditative depths.
S.S. (USA)

Just dabbed some indah. Wow. This is soooo much lovelier than I ever expected! That smooth super oudy scent emanating from the box was this oil :)
C.G. (USA)

I just applied some more Indah, and it is amazing. It's so unique with its silky musky floral opening -- I am freaking out over it!
C.G. (USA)

The most unique sample out of the bunch for my personal olfactory bank is the Indah Sambawa. It smells like the best parts of a high quality Cuban cigar mixed with the gentle oud vapor of whatever wood you used. So good. Unobtrusive and exotic. I'm probably going to get a full bottle of this one.
M.N. (Canada)

I noticed some similarities between Sumbawa and RCX as well.. one particular bitter sweet note..
S.S. (USA)

Ok so actually I don't like indah ... I love it!
Y.B. (UK)

It has some of the same topnotes as Sultan's Solace that are very light and ethereal with just a hint of a salty/metallic note, and like SS it lasts for the duration. There is also an earthy-oudy aspect that is not quite barnyard but... well, earthy. Mixed with that is the suggestion of a musky rose, it's very apparent but also subtle at the same time, it is like a touch of musk and rosy florals was added.
D.C. (USA)

Now this one just isn't fair to me, Taha.  It looks to me like there should be a bovine-leathery barnyard oud fragrance with this Indah oil (which I love, fyi).  But there is none.  Rather it's more of a greener or lighter serpentine-like leathery fragrance that I usually associate with a musk (on me), and zero barn.  Kind of a body-like scent, but with a serious oud kick. It is a far lighter and prettier oil than it "looks," at the risk of offending.
This is the kind of oil I will  love to soak up and enjoy quietly in the Sun with coffee.  
L.M. (USA)