Oud Product


A marriage between Eastern and Western perfumery, Intiqa'ie -- Arabic for 'eclectic' -- is a fusion of the French Chypre and Fougère genres with an utterly traditional Arabian attar core.

To emphasize the bright and fresh Fougère aspects, two crisp and zesty Malaysian oud oils form the heart of this attar. A heavy dose of oakmoss keeps the Chypre character alive, and there's plenty of labdanum which not only reinforces the leather note but also flows it seamlessly into the more Arabian elements. Sizzling frankincense, rich spices and ambery tones form an enchanting bed on top of which lies the leathery and mossy Chypre structure. Crowning it are the unmistakable Fougère elements - absinth, rose, galbanum and citrus, among other ingredients.

Like our previous products Al-Naqi and Tropica, Intiqa'ie is also totally unique and something new under the sun.

Despite being one of our most oud-intensive attars ever, you'll be amazed by how friendly the aroma, which is a result of the careful layering of oud with the other elements. It fits so perfectly into the western perfumery structure that you would feel comfortable wearing it anywhere. And yet, it has elements so exotic and traditionally Arabian that your scent trail will capture the attention of everyone you pass by.

It is spectacularly blended. Wow. I am wearing it, and I can't stop sniffing my arm. It comes across as a true masculine scent to me, as much as I hate to polarize fragrances that way. I think I may need to get this for my hubby. Hope he likes this as much as I do:) C.G. (USA) Intiqa'ie has an UNBELIEVABLE tenacity! After I had put it on, in the afternoon today, I managed to switch a couple long sleeve shirts, cook dinner (constant hand washing), then got a full hour and a half workout in, then a shower.. And now, at 10 pm, I am smelling my arm as clearly as if no time had ever passed upon initial application! (and btw, my husband loved the scent:)
C.G. (USA)

This one is amazing.
Prince ﹡﹡﹡﹡ (Saudi Arabia)

Excited to get Intiqa'ie! I finished the sample. It's sooooo good!
M.S. (USA)

The Itiqa'ie is especially good - I enjoy the vast majority of your our perfumes but this one is extra good!
R.D. (Australia)

Intiqua' ie est pour moi plus difficile à décrire...départ assez vif , odeur complexe avec une sorte de sève de pin qui se dégage. Je détecte bien également le cuir. Cette note devient de plus en plus prégnante au fur et à mesure du développement du parfum , lorsque les notes de oud , que l'on devine dès le départ , prennent toute leur place. J'aime beaucoup cette note de fond d'ailleurs...
J.S. (France)

An immediate pine menthol when first applying. Then comes the smoke, like I would imagine a genie coming out of a bottle for the first time in 1000 years would smell. I love to ware this before going to sleep. I have hypnotic dreams. This Attar is special, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to partake.
C.G. (USA)

Those familiar with his past chypre or fougere blends know how successful he has been to combine heavy doses of oakmoss and other ingredients with quality distillations of oud. Although this is a sort of middle ground between the two, I don't really think of this as either chypre or fougere - which is hard to do anyway when there's such a dominant oud note. Intiqa'ie is a very dark oil - black unless held up to the light where it is dark brown - and very potent. At first application it explodes with a super clean woody note with green and mossy facets. It's not until later that citrus notes and rose pop out, which is a mystery to me, but a result of the frankincense and rose oils used. About 30 minutes in it actually brightens like a sun coming out from behind the clouds. Then it slowly heads back to a mossy/woody oud blend. Everytime I wear one of Taha's attars I think this is something I could wear for the rest of my life.
C.S. (USA)

Intiqa'ie is a masterpiece , congratulations and thank you.
Y.H. (Saudi Arabia)

Wow! This is amazing. I didn't expect it to have so much oud in it, but it really comes forward beautifully! The fougere and chypre elements are there but understated, giving it just a breath of citrus, labdanum and oakmoss, a nice combination that evokes leather. My wife thought that of all my perfumes, it reminded her most of Leather Oud, which is one of our favorites. I find this closer to oud oil than to any Western perfume, myself.
I've had it on for 7 or 8 hours now and it's still deep, rich and intoxicating. Really a wonderful attar!
M.S. (USA)

I put a tiny swipe on my hand and wow, I really like this one! Not surprising I guess with the Borneo ouds which are my favorite and make the attar have a very light and ethereal feel to it.... the top feels crisp, woody-green and invigorating, but is very complex and hard to pin down with many notes swirling around from Borneo ouds, citrus, rose, frankincense, oakmoss, something camphorous (lignum vitae?) and probably more. The Borneo oud's woody middle and oudy character are most prevalent in the middle/base and anything else is used sparingly and is hard to recognize. Overall it comes off as a beautifully augmented Borneo oud that contains chypre and fougere aspects, for me an instant buy.
D.C. (USA)

Light and crisp. Almost fragile as I ride my motorcycle in the warm sunshine after the cool night. The rose and wormwood broke apart like frail, fragile rose petals mixed with warm rays of sunshine in the cool breeze. Like fragments of long lost dreams and new visions intertwined in a melody of soft spoken grace and fragrance.
E.T. (USA)