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Java is successor to our Hutan Kalimantan, an attar that was so popular that it was sold out almost instantly.

An engaging composition of bright and dark, jungly and earthy notes will have you constantly sniffing your wrist as Java takes you on a journey through the tropical jungles of Java.
Packed with balsams, tars, and wood oils, this is one long-lasting olfactory adventure.

Its all about jungly notes.
Bursting with soaring notes of balsams and lemongrass coupled with papyrus and patchouli, the top notes aren't overwhelming as deep oud, earthy vetiver, fuzzy oakmoss and dark patchouli keep them balanced.

Without a doubt the key players in this composition are oud and vetiver. The contrast of bitter and sweet woody and leafy notes creates an engaging orchestra of scents that is sure to delight your nose and keep it thoroughly engaged.

There is no denying that there is something comforting about the scent of wood. Or the misty air in a jungle, carrying the scent of earth, wood, and foliage.
With one spritz of Java, you experience all of that.

My favorite of the bunch is Java.
H.S. (USA)

Got my bottles today. Only tried Java so far, which is my SOTN. This stuff is absolutely off the charts, for anybody who's a fan of dark, earthy scents. I love it.
E.N. (USA)

Loving Java today, I find it really grounding and meditative.Might possibly be my favourite of the three
Customer (USA)

opening I'm getting a wonderful strong earthy wet jungle, with wet soil going on here.,
Coupled with strong smoke which I guess is the oud.
later on I get a strong fresh cut wood smell with a patchouli starting to emerge., lastly, I get a rose and patchouli and oud all the way to the end., Did I mention the Monstrous longevity?
12 hours on my skin, Awesome stuff.
J.K. (USA)

The other notes really serve to compliment the Oud in Java. I get a brightness from the cypress in the opening, and the smooth base is composed of sandalwood and patchouli. Throughout the development, the main note is the oud, green and woody (perhaps Borneo?). The overall impression it gives me is of green jungle foliage, freshly cut wood and clean, moist earth. Transportive! This scent has noticeable silage, but not overwhelming, giving a nice scent aura around you. Longevity is great, 12+ hours on me. The next day, I notice scents of Oud, patchouli and rose on my skin. For those that enjoy oud, it is eminently unisex.
M.M. (Canada)

Wow, what an amazing oil! It starts with a sharp and cool, a bit medicinal, green smell. After that it gets darker and very earthy, at this stage it totally reminds me of Islay-Whisky. The first two stages are intriguing but can also be a bit challenging. Then the oil becomes softer and turns from (dark-) green to light brown and offers a sophisticated drydown that at times reminds me of Djedi.
True story, and the proof that the attar is aptly named and described by Taha: I visited my mum and she caught a whiff of Java and told me right away: "That smells like trees, like mossy trees in a forest.“
A.G. (Germany)

I love the jungle feel of Java, also it's a beast, lasts almost 24 hours on me. That's just 2 swipes.
G.A. (USA)

This is lovely and a clear winner for me. I don't know how you do it but you push the right buttons ما شاء الله .  This, in particular the dry down, reminded me of vintage perfume.
Z.H. (UK)

Java is a beast, lasts really really long and those earthy notes ...are really very enjojable!!!!!!
R.B. (India)

Java is amazing! I also had a feeling based on what you had written on your website that I will fall in  love with Java!
S.S. (USA)

Right before the prayers I put on an extra swipe of Java so that I can smell it then went to the living room.. and my wife was like "wow nice fragrance!!" and she was all the way at the other end of the room... I was like "WOW you picked it up that far away??"
Customer (USA)

I don't simple like it... i love it Taha!  
N.M. (Greece)

This one is aristrocatic and an elegant perfume!  It is sweet and I also get some citrusy notes! I detect a very light vetiver note. I think the term on your site "engaging orchestra of scents" best describes the experience.  With every sniff you get a different note and in fact I put one swipe of Java on one hand and one on the other ..5 minutes apart.. And they both smell different..!There is a series of notes emanating which loop back to the first one.. like a whirling dervish! :)
S.S. (USA)

Java is unbelievable!!
Customer (USA)

What a wonderful scent.
G.A. (USA)

Upon first cracking the plastic seal on the bottle, but not yet opening the dipstick, I get the same rose smell as INTIQA'IE. The cypress smell is intense as well. There is also an obvious oud smell as well, although at first is smells like a Borneo oud but later deepens to a Malaysian oud smell more towards the middle note progression. Underneath the top note and middle note layer, a mild chocolate note is barely riding along, possibly from whatever oud was used. This chocolate note also winds in and out of a mild, hidden lime note as an undercurrent. The first 15 minutes of JAVA are insanely green.
Stage 2 of JAVA rolls out after the initial opening to a coppery, mettallic cypress/oud smell with high, sharp fresh green scent that rises up and hits you up in the face like ammonia would. The high intensity of JAVA starts to wane in around 15 to 30 mintues.
Stage 3 would almost be a flat cola, flat Dr. Pepper type of fragrance in which I would guess would be a medley of Oud, cypress and aged patchouli. The drydown constist of the almost talcum powdery drydown common with aged patchouli mixed with other deep base notes with mild hints of rose wafting up until they fade away until the deep wood and talcum patchouli scent is all that last for a few more hours.
E.T. (USA)