Oud Product

Borneo Jewel

Very different from every other species of oud, Borneo agarwood oils have a pronounced sweet woodiness, and an ethereal quality that is uplifting and induces a mood of joy and lightheartedness.
While Indian ouds have a grounding and calming effect, Borneo ouds have an elating power in their embrace.

This particular oud oil was especially distilled for us from true incense-grade quality wood using optimal distillation techniques. There is no heaviness or harshness in this oil.

Sweet leafy-green notes and a heavy dose of vanilla dominate the entire life of this scent.

Be sure to wear this oud on a special occasion to make it a memorable one for you and those around you!

This is an oud I am starting to hate Taha for, because, I need to order more, and he is destroying my bank account (kidding Taha).
D.K. (USA)

Today I'm wearing Borneo Jewel oud - my favorite of the three oud oils that I got from Agar Aura. Really beautiful, earthy, resinous-sweet, and of course woody. These nuances are more easily revealed than they are from the other two oils. Reminds me a lot of some special Indian khus oil I once had. I'm now wondering whether that khus had some oud mixed with it.
The really interesting thing is how these fragrances evoke emotional & physical responses in me. I get a tingly feeling kind of like an endorphin rush. Wild stuff!
L.K. (USA)

Some of the Borneo Jewel got on my finger (a tiny amount).
Well, all I can say is it is ENTIRELY different than those Ouds at Abu Samad al-Qurashi. No funkyness. At all.
This is like an incredible walk in the woods - to me (and I know this is the impression of an untrained nose) - it is like a burst of pine and spruce pitch with Cedar and Patchouli and Vetiver all at the same time. Instant impressions of deep woods, the rich smell of aromatic roots, and the fresh earth around them. It is so odd, because the forest impression seems both tropical and boreal at the same time.
Very wonderful, and this was just an accidental touch.
M.W. (USA)