Oud Product

Jinkoh To Byakudan

Given the immense popularity of our Nippon Koh and Idaina Dento, it was clear that I wasn't alone in my love for the Japanese incense tradition.

The opening of Jinkoh To Byakudan boasts a bright and clean precious Kyara-like aroma hovering over the classic sweet 'purple' aroma of gently heated Vietnamese agarwood chips. It evolves into Cambodian notes of rugged woods and red wine, with subtle hints of a bitter-sweet agarwoody heart note.

If you are a fan of the Kodo style of burning agarwood, you will be delighted to find that the delicate vanillic-sweetness of agarwood that this style preserves is present in this oil as well - an aspect of agarwood that is absent when using other burning styles.

The sandalwood blooms as the oil develops on your skin. True Mysore sandalwood was used in this blend, and its buttery sweetness complements the heart notes of the oud beautifully.

Nippon Koh and Idaina Dento featured several traditional spices used in the Japanese tradition, and the spices had defined the characters of both oils.
Jinkoh To Byakudan, on the other hand, focuses on oud and sandalwood exclusively. The other essential oils used in this blend work in the background, and are only there to exalt the oud and sandalwood notes.

The end result: an ultra smooth oil that accurately mimics high end Japanese Agarwood-Sandalwood incense blends.

You have to try it to believe it.

I don't know if this is the best sandalwood I've ever smelled or the best oud I've ever smelled - or both. I've smelled the combination of oud and sandalwood before but never like this. This is a marriage, a celebration of harmony as two beautiful spirits come together, as sacred as the convergence of two rivers. There is no discord between the two, only an embrace.
C.S. (USA)

You have captured that elusive kyara note for sure.  Trully smells like super elite, mega-pricey Japanese agarwood incense.  Really casts a spell.  Thank you again Taha, another precious and wonderful experience.
J.P. (USA)

I just got my jinkoh to byakadan sample yesterday; I love it.  In fact so much that I ordered a bottle just a moment ago. You are doing an amazing service for people. It may not be charity or saving lives but for me you bring something that I otherwise might never have experienced. It's a spiritual stimulant. 
M.P. (USA)

Sometimes burning incense makes me cough, and I have trouble getting beyond the heavy smoke in order to focus on the ingredients. Those things discourage me from burning as often as I’d like, so this oil is real pleasure for me, Taha. It’s not a substitute for the incense, but it’s amazing how close you’ve come to capturing the essence of some of my favorite sticks.  Have you thought about sending it to some of the incense shops?  I really think it would be a big hit! 
M.W. (USA)

I've had compliments all day from JTB my dad & brother love it too they said. This is good stuff. I'm glad a little goes a long way, very potent with great silage just what I like in a favorite fragrance!
C.F. (USA)

I received the package last Friday.  The oil is AMAZING!  You have truly created something wonderful.
S.K. (USA)

This is a great Mukhallat. I mean,I'm blown away by this. This is the type,my favorite type i love. Please tell me you kept this recipe also... Because in the future when i run out,I'm definitely gonna want another bottle of this liquid Platinum. To be honest this IS the best frag you have made 2nd & 3rd i would say Layali,Al Arabiya(2) never tried the 1st. Im in love :-) Perfect,perfect blend of masculine & sweet. this is exactly what i visioned when we were talking about new mukhallats. What a gem,boy oh boy what a beautiful blend.