Oud Product

Jiwa Borneo

The depressing truth is that almost all agarwood oils distilled in Indonesia - or anywhere else for that matter - nowadays are from inferior quality wood, and most are mixed with vetiver or cutting agents.

This oud defies all norms and its scent proves that aiming for high quality is worth the higher cost.

Distilled from wild-harvested agarwood from the depths of Borneo, this oil delivers the heart and soul of the tropical rainforest it hails from.

The opening will greet you with a very unique Borneo character that is intertwined with a subtle but precious kyara-like character, reminiscent of the first whisps released from a gently-heated kyara chip.

As the oil develops on your skin, it displays more of a classic Borneo oud character. The oil's bright top notes are uplifting and coupled with the oil's citrusy kick, make it perfect for summer. Subtle hints of creamy vanilla and a healthy dose of sweet pears smooth out the top notes and also make the scent profile more complete.

Opt for quality. Experience the difference.