Oud Product


Do you remember the first time you smelled oud?
Whether it was a low quality oil or a high quality one, what's certain is that it smelled exotic and like nothing you've experienced before.

Jumanten is going to make you relive that experience, all over.

Extracted from fantastic resinated agarwood chips from the northern-most part of Papua, Manokwari, this is our first ever oud oil of the Gyrinops species from this island. We have released several Papuan ouds of the Aquilaria Filaria species before from the South Papua region of Merauke, but never an oud from this region or species.

If the scent description of 'gently heated agarwood chips' is getting old, you'll be glad to know that this oil smells like agarwood chips heated full blast - minus any acrid smoky notes. It is unapologetically bold and explosive, and yet refined and smooth. In that sense, there is only one other oil we have ever produced of this category, the much-loved Pencerahan.

Think GREEN.
Bark peeled off a young twig. Green camphoraceous notes in the opening notes that will take over your senses. A beautiful pine-like resinous quality very much like the aroma hanging in the air as you walk through a Pacific North-West Canadian forest. Ripe guava, sweet basil, dry green tea leaves. Green honey... green honey? You bet! Imagine if Manuka honey tasted 'green' and that's exactly what the heart notes of this oil are like, sprinkled with a healthy dose of green cinnamon.
Everything about this oil, except the color, is an ode to green.
And it is identical, and I mean i-d-e-n-t-i-c-a-l to the aroma of furiously bubbling Papuan Gyrinops agarwood chips.

As mentioned above, this oil is of a unique category/genre with only one other peer, Pencerahan. The whole point is unleashing the richest, most beautiful, and most accurate aromatic replication of the oleoresin. Nothing more, nothing less.

But what's perhaps most fascinating is that unlike most Papua Gyrinops oud oils which turn sour or bitter as they develop on your skin, Jumanten only gets greener and sweeter - to the point where the drydown literally smells like a beautiful Fougère perfume composition. I kid you not.
And this of course is because of our unique way of doing things: doing a mini trial distillation run first to determine the most salient features, and then design the full-scale distillation process to produce the best possible aroma.

We ended up getting 1.5 times more oil in this batch, and you know what that means right? Besides a richer aroma, a higher yield = lower cost per gram for us, and therefore lower price for you.
Those of you who I informed that this oil would be $450/bottle will be pleased to see its for much less now. And I knocked off an additional $5 to match the price of Kecantikan - another oil that was 'too good to be true' for the price, and incidentally crafted by the same distiller.
Kecantikan got sold out very quickly, so take heed O ye who reflect.

Jumanten is interesting for sure. If I would have blind sampled it I would have guessed Bornean. It has that sweet hay note and wetness that I get in a good Bornean. Very sweet and green. Like advertised it just gets sweeter and sweeter into the dry down. Being a lover of all natural fougeres..this oud defiantly reminds me of the beauty of that fern like composition! Very lovely oud for the price!
C.B. (USA)

Oh...loving this oil...wearing it today for the first time...incredible...
S.P. (Canada)

I received the oils today.  I am very happy with Jumanten. What makes it even better is that I have a few grams of incredible sinking grade Papuan Grynops chips to go with it. I do find allot of similarties between Ketenangan and Jumanten.  I do not regret purchasing a bottle blind. Of coarse I have not smelled one of your oils I would not be happy owning a bottle of.
B.J. (USA)

You, my friend, are a devil! Stop sending the most lovely ouds to my door. It's not nice. You know this is a long lasting pretty that can not be resisted by normal humans. Just kidding
C.G. (USA)

Jumanten= amazing! I have some papuan gyrinops wood at home that I've been burning in anticipation of this oil and i have to say that you nailed this. Green is by far the best descriptor. The grassy, woody hay like notes mixed in with some vanilla smells so much like the burning wood without smoke it's incredible. This is my new favorite, and i own berkilau, which actually still is my favorite but i haven't exactly been frugal with it and therefore the bit i have left sits and taunts me from my perfume chest.  Jumanten also has a slightly wet smell to it that i absolutely love. Reminds me a bit of minorien's fu-in aloeswood incense.
M.N. (Canada)

I am also absolutely in love with Jumanten! It is the first Papua oud where I actually get a honey note. This is so green and fresh, none of the dirt/peanut smell I sometimes get with Borneos or the mudiness from Papuas or Marokes. Amazing!!!! Plus the price makes it a no-brainer for me.
M.M. (Canada)

One of those rare time where I can totally relate to an oud description
Y.B. (France)

Reçu ma commande aujourd'hui et essayé Jumanten cet après-midi. Il fait très chaud sur toute la France , c'est la canicule et Jumanten se prête parfaitement à cette chaleur !
Très belle huile , proche en effet de Pencerahan et effectivement , une ode au vert . Un vert émeraude , je dirais ;) . J'aime beaucoup.
J.S. (France)

Jumanten was a surprise, very aggreable oil, with the same mood of odour profile that started with Pencerahan.
A.A. (Croatia)

The dry down is where it becomes like the Papuan, NG smoldering chip on the distant coal. Salty, Camphor-y, green symphony.
Masha Allah ya Taha, well done.
H.S. (USA)

I was sitting here thinking about the similarity between your Zummrud Oil and Jumanten so I looked up what Jumanten means and voila "Emerald or Zummrud" in Indonescian :) it's that green vein that runs in both of them.
H.S. (USA)

Boasting some woody Borneo notes with features which unmistakably distinguish it from a typical Borneo Oud. Yes…it is the ‘Gyrinops’ factor. This one to me appears to hit the green spectrum with a more rugged force compared to Ketenangan which is maybe more on the woodier/yellow side.  As I sit with it I cant help but appreciate the development of the scent itself, this is not a one dimensional oud and the ‘green’ notes almost have a continuum within itself which makes it impossible to get bored with this fragrance. This oil is really great for the price….I only wish I had the opportunity to try some of this Papau wood on my burner to better appreciate its relation.
T.G. (Dubai)