Oud Product

Kala Heera

From the remote jungles of North-Western Assam, close to Bhutan, comes this exquisite Indian oud. This oil was distilled using wood from an era gone by, and has been aging and steeping in its glorious self for over a decade.

Kala Heera is Hindi for 'black diamond', and after smelling this oil you will see why the name is well-deserved.

The smoky opening reminisces the scent of a cloak well-smoked with Hindi oud chips. It is not the acrid sour note found in a lot of oils that some people pass off as a 'smoky' scent.

There is of course the classic barn and hay, there is the to-die-for rare 'red' sweetness found only in the highest quality Indian specimens, the chalky-creamy woodiness of a good Hindi, and then there are all the other nuances. But the perfect balance between the different notes is what make make this oil shine. The symphyony is breath-taking, almost humbling.

This oil is the archetypal Assam oud, and although it is unmistakably Assamese, its magic lies in the perfect proportion of its scent notes. Just as a Monet masterpiece cannot be compared to a child's finger painting, so too is it blasphemy to put this oil in the same category as other Hindis.