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Kalbar No.1

Kalbar No.1 was my fourth 'Syed Series' oud distillation, using one out of the three most amazing batches of Indonesian agarwood I came across which I simply had to get (the other two being Malinau and Maluku - for future Syed Series oud oils).

Like her sister Malinau batch, the raw material for Kalbar No.1 displayed a unique characteristic not very common in agarwood: ambient aroma without burning the wood.
This quality is an indication of the quality of the tree itself: as the tree gets extremely big and old decade after decade, it comes to a point where it continuously compresses the heartwood inside, leading to something very interesting: a special anoxic 'aging' of the oeloresin inside the tree.
Agarwood from such trees displays the beautiful quality of ambient aroma, a higher concentration of some very yummy scent notes (vanillin notably being one of them), and a type of scent profile that many folks often mistake for kinam.

The raw material for Kalbar No.1 was one such batch of agarwood, so as you can imagine the aroma of the oil is pretty awesome.

There are the unmistakable Kalbar (by the way, Kalbar = Kalimantan Barat, which means West Kalimantan) scent notes of vanilla, white florals, and herbal-woody notes. But the dominant signature notes have been amplified, thanks to the unusual properties of this type of agarwood.
So you can consider Kalbar No.1 to be the archetypal Kalbar oud; the oud to compare all other West Borneo Microcarpa oud oils to.

Add to that the fact that I personally regulated every aspect of the distillation (including, but not limited to, manipulating the temperature curve and controlling the flushing and refeeding of the hydrosol at every stage of the extraction process), so you can rest assured that I made sure to replicate and honor the aroma it should have: the scent of the raw material itself.

Note: every order will ship with a small chip of the actual raw material this oil was extracted from.

For your enjoyment, here is a video that captures the birth of Kalbar No.1: