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Kaltim Supreme

We've released many ouds from the far-west regions of Borneo island, the likes of Keelokan and Kalbar Koh, and from the prized Malinau region of Borneo, most notably Kencana and Kuno Kayu.

But the far eastern reaches of Borneo, known as Kaltim (short for Kalimantan Timur), is a region from which we have only brought you two oud oils in AgarAura's entire history, namely Borneo Hutan and East Kalimantan LTD. Both products were an instant success and - not surprisingly - were sold out very quickly.

Malinau jungles are virtually dry now. Western Borneo is the stronghold of Chinese agarwood dealers. But as for the east-most region of Borneo, it is home of the most sought after Borneo agarwood by Arab connoisseurs.

Arabian perfumery is no stranger in today's world. Its mysterious and exotic character has pretty much become a new genre in western perfumery now. One of the hallmark features of Arabian perfumery is the strength and potency of the aroma, and this preference is something Arabs like in their ouds as well.

Kaltim Supreme is one powerful Borneo oud. Its where gritty woodiness meets furiously bubbling resin. A blast of jungly notes intermingled with penetrating airy top notes. There are (very) subtle accents of fruit and wild flowers in the background, but its really the wood and resin aspects that are the most salient.

Kaltim Supreme has been quietly aging for a long time but I felt the time is now right to release it, as the quantity has been slowly diminishing.

As with the previous two Kaltim oils Borneo Hutan and East Kalimantan LTD, the incense-grade wood used for crafting Kaltim Supreme was collected by the distiller's agarwood hunting team from the very same region where they live, so they were able to get very high quality wood. Had the raw materials been collected from a different region, an oil of this quality would have commanded almost double the price. So in Kaltim Supreme you not only have great quality, but great value as well.

Kaltim Supreme is well named, I'm astonished every time I shift position and get a whiff of it! Really beautiful oil, Taha!
Customer (USA)

The Kaltim is lovely, very fresh and lasts for ages too which is awesome.
Z.H. (UK)

I'm wearing Kaltim Supreme today. This is a beauty! Starts with a very pure, high Borneo note, but soon I detect rich chocolate undertones. This is so smooth, so beautiful! Complex but harmonious and not like anything else I've tried. I've only been wearing it a couple of hours but it's already a favorite!
Thank you for bringing all these beautiful oils to the West!
M.S. (USA)

Kaltim Supreme is also a very good oil! smells like malaccensis, wild for sure, hints of Zamrud and Kencana.
J.C. (USA)