Oud Product


Lively and vivacious, Kalyani bursts with energy. She's beautiful too, exceedingly so in fact.
After all, she hails from Nagaland – the region in India that boasts the prettiest smelling agarwood.

You may have already tried the deep, dark, and mighty Mahabali and perhaps one day you will also encounter the dainty (and oh-so-beautiful) little sis Lavanya – all wild Nagaland purebreds.
In many ways, Kalyani is closer to Lavanya. But whereas Lavanya is so exceedingly pristine and beautiful that you'd almost think its not of this earth, Kalyani will likely hit it closer to home for many.

For all intents and purposes, Kalyani is the aroma of Nagaland wood heated by a Japanese Monkoh master. Its like Lavanya with amplified woody and spicy accents... which makes sense, because during a Monkoh session some of the wood fibers are unavoidably pyrolyzed and some additional compounds from the wood aside from the oleoresin are also released.
This is the aroma of Kalyani.
And so, for all you fans of the low-temperature method of heating agarwood, this oud oil represents just about the most accurate aroma of gently heated Nagaland agarwood.

Sticky dried cherries, sweet almond, fennel, suggestions of tobacco and molasses, regal incense, and singed wood. Nagaland to the bone.
Did I mention how darn beautiful she is?

Balance of inward/outward. If this oil’s character was best described with a colour, it would be deep red verging on garnet. Oh my. Those sticky dried red fruits (sour cherry?), wine soaked mature tobacco leaves, spiced pipe tobacco, clean almost unused saddle leather and warm xmas spices. After the oil settles, red radiates thru before the wood notes linger while the dried fruits, spices and tobacco poke out here and there.
No animal. No florals. No bitter. All about fruit, spice and delicate fermented notes (not sour but more umami richness)
Final impressions: delicious. medium+ complexity in terms of both development (vertical) and horizontal (at same giving time). I love it.
R.S. (Canada)

I am very much impressed with the quality of your oud. This is the second time I have smelled such a great quality oud, it's similar to the Indonesian oud I bought, from Singapore. That's the reason I was surprised that this is Assamese oud, because the Indian oud often have a fungal smell, unlike your oud.
R.A. (UK)

Its amazing really long time a hindi oud blow me like that the cherry note and the red profile...
A.A. (France)

She's beautiful. Reminds me of sultan's succor but where SS is dark, smoky, gauzy, K is lighter, rouged and...woodier? My words don't do justice to the oils!
A.M. (USA)

The Nagalands blow me away to think that they were distilled from the same wood and it amazes me to see how the technique applied changes the profiles so much. Quite amazing. I really love them both but my taste swings a little more to Kalyani but again Mahabali calls me back in other ways as well.
S.S. (USA)

Extremely nice oil done right. Has just the right combo of tangy, sweet and spice.
P.O. (USA)

Very few oud oils have wow'ed me but the ones at the top of my list are Ceylon 1 and Kalyani, which I'd definitely consider "therapeutic"
D.C. (USA)

En fait j'ai cru un instant que Mahabali était de Gen 3. Mais si cette huile , comme kalyani est plus précise et moins large dans son spectre de notes , elle n'en est pas moins complexe , subtile , dans sa profondeur ! Oui , c'est ça ! Moins large ,certe , mais plus verticale et profonde et complexe dans cette profondeur ! D'où son intérêt...
J.M.S. (France)

Aussi , après d'autres essais entre kalyani et Mahabali , aujourd'hui , ma préférence va vers Kalyani , car , en définitive plus souple , un peu moins brut que Mahabali. (Mais c'est surtout à la fin du développement , ou encore , lorsque je ne suis plus dans l'odeur et que d'un coup je ressens l'huile , l'une me semble plus crémeuse et sans doute plus attirante pour l'autre. Et encore , ce n'est pas tant sur ma peau mais plutôt sur les vêtements que la différence se marque...) Et puis , là , je suis dans l'analyse mais parfois , je ne sais pourquoi , une odeur me surprend plus qu'une autre , m'attirant pour des raisons difficilement explicables (du moins au premier abord...)
J.M.S. (France)

Such a rich woody smell, both ethereal and earthy - highly resinous, just beautiful.. These "zero barnyard" Indian ouds Taha has been crafting are remarkable - whereas Borneo and Malaysian ouds are often floral, Cambodian ouds fruity, New Guinea ouds green and jungly smelling, these Indian ouds are what I think of as a true wood smell..
J.M. (USA)

In my personal experience, it took a very long study of Taha's Kalyani to really see what was meant by the oleoresin in relation to other auxiliary notes. I followed the curriculum, and I believe that I learned from it. Certainly my nose now confirms a lot of what especially Ensar and Taha have written about their oils.
R.S. (UK)

after spending about three weeks going between Chamkeila and Kalyani...I absolutely adore those meditations. It really feels like a study session where I have to clear my mind and explore all the nuances. It's a calming and therapeutic few minutes I have with them most nights. I particularly love Kalyani, which is just sweet heart note after sweet heart note. I don't know how to describe it, but I've hardly ever felt so drawn to the heart of an oil before, where I just want to abide there and dwell amidst the honey and woods. It is truly one of my favourite ouds.
R.S. (UK)

My first impression is a warm, red oudiness followed closely by a complex and beautiful assortment of notes that are balanced but hard to decipher. Like Ceylon 1 this is out there... more approachable and more beautiful, but still almost overwhelming in complexity. There are a lot of facets of oud in balance with one another, not sure how this would even be classified... it's like one all-encompassing oil. It's gentle though, the oil is not extremely strong or shocking to smell, it might be confused with something more ordinary if you just got a passing whiff of it... it's introverted, probably not something you'd put on for others but it offers the wearer a very special experience. This and Ceylon 1 are oils that will take a long time to fully appreciate, they're just so complex and different.
D.C. (USA)

I was able to take a sniff of the new Indian oil from Agar Aura - "Kalyani" - this one is just incredible! It's one jewel after another with the Indian oils by Taha..
J.M. (USA)