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Kecantikan. Keh-chun-teh-kun.
Bahasa for 'beauty'. Not the adjective 'beautiful', but rather the noun for beauty itself.

A co-distillation of the three main species of agarwood found in Borneo island, Kecantikan is an oud that can be described as truly being a perfume.

Designed to replicate the classic French Chypre genre's perfume structure, the raw material for crafting Kecantican was a combination of Aquilaria Beccariana for the top notes, Aquilaria Microcarpa for the heart notes, and Aquilaria Malaccensis for the base notes. The three species of agarwood were mixed together in a precise ratio to give the oil a full-bodied aromatic spectrum.
The end result: a Borneo oud that displays unparalleled depth and richness.

Using identical distillation techniques and hybrid apparatus as well as raw material quality to that used for distilling Keemasan, the oil took on a life of its own as it started to trickle into the collection flask.

I try my best to minimize metaphors and absolutely avoid exaggeration for product descriptions. So, know that when I say that I consider Kecantikan to be the most beautiful Borneo oud oil to ever hit the market, I mean it.

Kecantikan is sheer splendor. It is a dazzling display of the most incredible scent notes you can imagine. A whirlwind that will carry you up to the heavens, and beyond. Like a ray of sunlight passed through a prism that breaks it up into a rainbow, Kecantikan is the finest Borneo aroma you can imagine, 'split up' using our combination of the best extraction techniques and apparatus.

The result is an ultra-sharp focus on those scent notes encountered when heating very high grade Borneo agarwood, that make wood connoisseurs go 'gaaah....' and makes others look at them and go 'huh..?'
So if you haven't been able to appreciate that elusive narcotic quality when heating agarwood, then this is your chance to encounter those scent notes. Stripped of smokiness, and with brazen clarity.

Opening with crystalline Beccariana top notes, there is a surge of honey, vanillin, a hint of crisp Pinova apples, fragrant florals and resinous green woodiness. As the full-bodied Microcarpa starts to emerge, everything gets washed in gold.
And a Borneo oud this may be, but the Malaccensis base in this oud is so deep and opulent that it defies all norms and rivals Pencerahan in its rich layers of dark woods, caramel, and resin.

I sent a few drops of the trial distillation to two customers, polar opposites in a way: one whose collection contains some of the finest and costliest Borneo ouds ever distilled, and another who had never come across a Borneo oud that ever wowed him.
Both were beyond themselves with disbelief when they inhaled the aroma... and they both said that they had never smelled a Borneo oud (or any oud for that matter) like this before.

Kecantikan... an oud beyond your imagination.

The lasting power on this is a beast..  I put some on yesterday morning when I first applied it and I don't know where it is coming from but this morning I could definitely still get whiffs of it and it wasn't shy . The dry down is amazing.  I've been missing out on this genre.  I need to start opening my senses to other ouds.
Z.C. (USA)

I'm speechless man lol,  I cant even articulate my words to explain how beautiful this scent is and how it changes the mood drastically in a pleasant way :).This is my first interaction with a Borneo so I cant compare and I dont even care to. Ive only had a couple of hours with it so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out in the end.
If the creator can create a scent like this for temporary enjoyment in this life, I can only imagine in the end. Taha brother I cant thank you enough man.
Z.C. (USA)

Candied wood! Love it. I might need more of this...
The sent is developing as I am typing - Candy to sharp pepper - now soft powder - now osmanthus flower.....oud...
C.G. (USA)

it's a Borneo-lover's dream come true. Ma sha'Allah, your perfumes and oils have always been good, but, for me, this one takes the cake.
O.O. (USA)

it is a light hearted, sweet scent that is uplifting and heartening.
S.S. (USA)

Je viens de porter aujourd'hui kecantikan par une journée printanière ,
ensoleillée. Odeur très agréable...avec un côté gourmand (me vient une
odeur de réglisse...) qui se prête parfaitement à cette journée ;). Un
mélange d'huiles de Bornéo vraiment exceptionnelle.
JM.S. (France)

I wanted to let you know how terrific the Kecantican is. in my opinion this is what a Bornean oud should be like by example. it seems to have it all, and is almost too good. there is also something else I cannot put with words. perhaps another dimension would describe it. its a very very good feeling. I have been wondering if we aren't being spoiled by all the high quality oils available as of late- I mean how will the bar continue to be raised, and what of our expectations? there is no doubt in my mind that we are in a golden age of oud RIGHT NOW!
J.S. (USA)

I agree about Kecantikan, lots of people say an oud oil is like a composed fragrance but it never really is... Kecantikan is an exception and is very complete and polished all on it's own. This is an oud that is too good to make a mukh out of and I'm not sure I've really felt that way before. :)  Different Borneos I've tried have highlighted one or more facets of the olfactory spectrum but Kecantikan seems to have it all, and with no off-notes. Also good silliage and longevity on this one. Kecantikan is the best Borneo oud I have ever tried and I'm glad to have a bottle!
D.C. (USA)

I think you may be right this may be the best Borneo I've smelt to date! 
A.U. (UK)

They are very lovely, esp Kecantikan as i an partial to 'green' oils and Peninsular Malaysian 'sweet & woodly' flora types.
L.L. (Singapore)

superbe egalement ,
tres bien équilibré.
JM.S. (France)

Oooo wowww Mashallah the Kencantikan is on another level
Please please save me another bottle.
A.K. (USA)

It reminds me of […], if memory serves me it was mix of […] and […]. Kecantikan has more depth and complexity than is usual in Borneos (I love them, but very complex they are not). And there is something Kalbar like, that specific gorgeous powdery resinousness.
A.A. (Croatia)

The Borneo oil smells amazing and the light yellow color is fitting... I'm glad the price wasn't too high as this seems like the oil I've always wanted…
D.C. (USA)

The Borneo has a green note that is absolutely delightful!
N.R. (UK)