Oud Product


Distilled from oleoresin-rich wood from western Borneo island, Keelokan is heir to our popular Kalbar Koh.

The indigenous Dayak peoples of western Borneo, or Kalbar, have historically not been known to use agarwood for scenting or medicinal purposes, nor has Kalbar been an agarwood hotspot until recently. This is the reason why the highest grades of Malaccensis agarwood in the world today hail from this region. The wood used for distilling this oil comes from one of the leading suppliers of authentic sinking-grade agarwood - wood that is used for carving beads and statuettes collected by Chinese multi-millionaires.
So it should come as no surprise that one swipe of this oil will have you feeling like royalty, emanating an aura of luxury and class.

Standing in stark contrast to Kencana from the opposite end of the island which has a brighter and crisper aroma, Keelokan boasts deeper woody notes. Although the top notes are very bright, the dark foresty and mossy base notes provide a wonderful contrast, and the tension between the top and base notes will keep your nose glued to your wrist.
The dry-down: straight agarwood chips bubbling on your incense burner.

One of the most unanimously loved aspects of Kalbar Koh and Pulau Maluku, as attested to by customer feedback, had been their timelessness. That soul-soothing, almost psychoactive quality that you only find in oils extracted from ancient trees.
If you missed out on those two oils, do not despair. Due to the old age of the trees used for distilling Keelokan, this oil displays that rare quality as well.

Keelokan. 100% wild-harvested Borneo oud, crafted the Agar Aura way.

I was absolutley smitten with this oil from the moment I sampled it. It is incredibly smooth and luxurious. Debonnaire. I imagine this is the oud James Bond would wear if given the choice. Underneath the smoothness, like others have said, I get the unmistakeable smell of bubbling oud chips. Feel the burn! Narcotic, yes. It's fantastic. This oud reminds me very much of the first distillation of a legendary oud that shall remain nameless. I purchased 2 bottles for use on only special occasions.
D.S. (USA)

Keelokan reminds me of a combination of Kalibar Koh, Kuno Kayu and Kemenyan if they were all mixed together. I get the smokiness of Kemenyan, the vanilla and frutiness of Kuno and the deep, rich woodiness of Kalibar. I love the combination of notes and they all play off each other like a fragrance blended by a master perfumer. This is possibly my favorite of all the oud oils I have tried so far. It is also very easy to wear for a pure oud oil. Great job!
D.C. (USA)

Two of the times I’ve worn Keelokan, about an hour in, I noticed the “burning chips” scent. I’ve heard others talk of this phenomenon, but I’d never experienced it before. When I put my “ouded arm” up to my nose, I literally thought something was smoking. I looked around the room, confused. Then I got excited, realizing, “This is it! This is what they were talking about!”. I have a couple pieces of wood from this region, and the scent was nearly identical to that little whisp of smoke that arises from the heated chip! Such an amazing experience to smell that on my skin! 
C.M. (USA)

Keelokan exudes a calming inner beauty that does not scream but rather whisper its refined charms. Inhaling the ethereal Bornean vapors I get notes of juicy vanilla swirling through tropical breezes. An exotic fruit cocktail ripens, segueing to a note that I find intoxicating and hypnotic. Mid notes of pine wood hinted with eucalyptus leaves soon emerge. Only to find myself lost in the mossy rainforest accord that followed. This 'oudfactory' experience ends with the scent of aged wooden floor and wafts of bubbling oud. 
B.V. (Australia)

That Keelokan is like an hour long vapor trail off a chip before you start getting the wood burn.  That has to be one of the sweetest oils I have ever smelled.
E.T. (USA)