Oud Product


There's a reason why there hasn't been a single Agar Aura distillation of Borneo agarwood in almost two years.

Sure, there are plenty of wild agarwood trees in Borneo (one of the densest population in the world right now). But the quality of the agarwood, even from very old trees, simply doesn't match up to the likes of what could be found a decade or two ago. Nowadays, Borneo oud oils usually smell like stale peanuts, fertilizer, or bugspray -- or a combination of these bizarre scent notes.

Keemasan has none of that.

Of the three new key updates to Agar Aura distillation philosophy, Keemanasan represents the quality factor the most. Of course achieving its aroma would have been impossible without the correct setup (in this case, hybrid copper + stainless steel at the pot level, and a gigantic glass condenser + fractional collection system) as well as all-new Agar Aura distillation techniques (a secret), but without a doubt, the most prominent factor was the quality of the raw materials. Not just quantitative (i.e. the visible oleoresin content) but also qualitative (featuring the incredible aroma of old, old, old-growth Borneo trees).

Keemasan was extracted from West Borneo Aquilaria Microcarpa agarwood, so its all heart notes. Golden, thrumming heart notes. Crisp golden woodiness in the opening accompanied by rich florals like ylang-ylang, gardenia and honeysuckle, and gentler powdery-woodiness in the drydown. There is a faint but clearly distinct note of unfermented Pu-erh tea that keeps the drydown from becoming cloyingly sweet.
In other words: this is the aroma of the finest Microcarpa agarwood from West Borneo. To wood connoissuers, smelling this oil will be like inhaling the aroma of heated Borneo Microcarpa through an olfactory 'magnifying glass'. To those who are less acquainted with the whole wood burning thing, this will be an otherwordly scent, an aroma you would never have imagined could come from a tree.

Keemasan gives you a glimpse of the inner scent dimensions of West Borneo Microcarpa. Next in the series: a West Borneo Beccariana oil which is all top notes, as well as a co-distillation of Borneo Beccariana, Microcarpa, and Malaccensis.

WOW not what I was expecting at all. I got hit with lilacs about a half hour into it, just incredible !
P.W. (Canada)

MashAllah it is the most unique Borneo oil in my experience. The subtle floral sweet dry down is unbelievable!!!
S.S. (USA)

This oil has the green opening that I would expect, but it had what I can only refer to as a "complexity" that I didn't know how to describe.  Perhaps this "complexity" I can't properly articulate is the "florals" you refer to?
L.M. (USA)

What a great, woody/honey dry down.
Customer (USA)

This Keemasan takes floral to another level.  I mean this oil can play tricks on you!  It can do some dead on impersonations of certain floral terpenes.  You will say "wait a second is that coming from the oud at my wrist?  It projects.  At other times it even improves on certain scent notes.  Like if vanilla was somehow better than vanilla is... as if you could smell the orchid in the bean if that makes any sense. 
J.P. (USA)

It just does something remarkable on my skin and transforms into pure perfume!
C.G. (USA)

Blast of honey in the opening, powdery Borneo oil with luscious floral elements, paired with pomegranate, very nice oil.
A.A. (Croatia)

Keemasan is overwhelmingly oudy, it's hard to describe, but the facet of this oil that is at the heart of oud is very prominent, moreso that other Borneo ouds I have tried. The oud note is surrounded by an etherial woodiness that I associate with Borneo ouds that make them bright and shimmering, I do agree this oil features heart notes most prominently but the ethereal topnotes I expect to find in a Borneo oud are definitely there as well. Also, there are some floral notes and a touch of creaminess.
D.C. (USA)

I get usual Borneo profile, but there is a ripe raspberry note that peaks out. Really beautiful. I think this is a keeper as well.
M.M. (Canada)

Today I have on Keemasan...a very lovey and high quality Bornean oil for sure!
C.B. (USA)

The experience was of soaring transcendence, the shear complexity, brightness and positivity are far beyond either of the Borneo ouds I own (--, --).  It is the first time I have perceived sweetness from a Borneo oud.