Oud Product


For many, it doesn't get any better than Malaysian oud. That deep and dark mysterious depth, that deeply satisfying oudiness of high grade Malay oud oils is something that's hard to match.

Kehebatan is our first ever Gen4 Malaysian oud. You may have tried our earlier Gen1 deep and dark Malaysian ouds like Agar Supreme and Kemewahan, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the shimmery bright Gen3's like Berkilau and Sutera Ungu.

So what happens when you merge the two genres?
You get an OUD experience so satisfying, so complete... you wonder if you really need any other oud in your collection.

Although the aroma of this oil was identical to Kemewahan when both oils were fresh out of the pot, Kehebatan retains all the vibrant top notes like our shimmery Malaysian oud oils (Berkilau et al.) whereas the former lost them and only retained the deep base notes after it was aged.
And so, in Kehebatan you've got all the vibrant top notes and all the deep base notes in one package.

In 2016, we offered some agarwood chips from the Taman Negara jungle in Malaysia. Those of you who managed to score some are in for a real treat now.

Get your favorite burner ready, pick a sliver of your Taman Negara wood, and heat it by following our recommended temperature curve.
Now apply a healthy swipe of Kehebatan to your wrist and smear it onto your neck.
Amazing, right?
It smells i-d-e-n-t-i-c-a-l to the smoke from the heated wood.
(note: the batch consisted of both Hirta as well as Malaccensis wood. You'll want to compare this oil to the Malaccensis pieces. If you would like to know which of the pieces are Malaccensis, please send a photo of your wood via email)

You see, no matter how proficient (or not) you are at the art of heating agarwood, the beauty of Gen4 oud oils is that everyone can instantly make the connection between the wood and the oil.
You could be a Monkoh connoisseur, an occasional fumigator, or an absolute novice — no matter what your level of proficiency is, Gen4 oud oils will conform to your personal level of olfactory prowess (on the other hand, with Gen3 oils like Berkilau, Sutera Ungu and others, you have to have a fine-tuned nose that's well experienced in the Monkoh style of heating wood).

So if you had previously obtained some of our Taman Negara wood, by comparing the aroma of Kehebatan to it, you will realize just how accurately this oil capture the heart and soul of the agarwood it was extracted from.

Densely resinous notes, sprinkled with peppery spices, and overflowing with bitter-sweet balsamic-woody flavors, the classic Taman Negara notes of tamarind and citrus weave in and out as the scent evolves on your skin.

As with all of our Gen4 oud oils, Kehebatan features two dominant aroma profiles: the ambient aroma of raw agarwood saturated with glistening resin (anyone who got our Taman Negara BK Super grade wood can attest to this), coupled with the aroma of bubbling wood, oozing out glorious resin and exuding copious amounts of fragrant smoke.

Some like'em deep and dark, others like'em uplifting and full of life.
I say, why not have both if you can?

I can smell my shirt from two days ago from my bed and I love it!
C.S. (USA)

It smells amazing right from the cap!
C.S. (USA)

With a swipe, the experience begins:
A smooth waft...with little gasps of almost spicy, well aged woodiness...peeking in and out of the floating breathiness of rich resinous base notes.
The scent morphs in gentle steps into a multi-layered sigh of well rounded contentment that lasts for a long while.
For me, it touched a memory of my grandmother's silk tree fiber filled pillows stored in their aged orange wooden boxes.
This IS Taman Negara.
L.K. (USA)

Kehebatan, cola-green, sweet yet woody sharp notes. I do have a variety of Malaysian oud oil, it's green and shares similiar notes, yet it's not as sharp as Kehebatan. Indeed something different.
A.A. (Abu Dhabi)

I could smell the same peppery note that the wood has. Stay tuned. I will do a proper session (Agar Aura style) and get back to you. What I've found is that I tend to really like the Malaysian profile, so naturally, I like Kehebatan without doing the comparison.
S.G. (USA)

It's my first for agarwood from Taman Negara.
Wonderful stuff! Deep yet bright, I get dense rainforest imagery and exotic blooms throughout :))
Still taking time to better dwell into this one!
L.L. (Singapore)

Très belle huile malaisienne ,grasse , humide , résineuse. Impression de se trouver dans une forêt tropicale , une certaine moiteur se dégage , après une note cirée de départ. J'aime également beaucoup ce style !
J.S. (France)

my thought were that it is slap bang in between kemewahan and berkilau very impressive
S.K. (Ireland)