Oud Product


Given the success of Kinam Attar and Khmer Kinam, we are excited to unveil Kelantan; our first ever extrait that captures the true-to-life aroma of sizzling (non kinam) agarwood chips. This time, the aroma is that of fuming "super king" grade agarwood nuggets.

Kelantan is an ode to oud from the northeastern tip of Malaysia, the State of Kelantan Darul Naim ("the Abode of Bliss").

Utilizing our in-house aged cinnamon and vanilla tinctures for the right kind of rounded creamy cinnamic aroma (far from the shrill tone of cinnamon essential oils and absolutes), Malaysian tea tincture to give that bellowing oomph to the bittersweet resinous tones, and the most scrumptious propolis extract that brings the super king grade velvety feel to life, Kelantan captures every facet of the wood perfectly.

There's of course the lip-smacking cola that all species of Malaysian oud are well-known for.
An ethereal, mentholated aroma permeates the opening notes, identical to what you find in all of the highest grades – the best being super king grade – of Malaysian agarwood.
But Kelantan wood is primarily known for its pepper and orange shortbread notes, and they join the stage soon.
Then there's the mouthwatering vanilla-cinnamon cake baking in the oven aroma – without exception, all super king grade agarwood regardless of provenance possess this aroma.
Chewy resinous and deep green jungly notes sing their melodies into the drydown.

The two most loved Oud scent profiles in the western hemisphere, by a mile, are Vietnamese and Malaysian. Few, though, have experienced what the aroma of the raw woods have to offer.
Kelantan gives you the chance to experience exactly that. A couple spritzes on your chest or garment, be prepared to be swept up and swirled away into the most fragrant reverie.

Alhamdulillah. I said to try it when praying. From the first spray of (Kelantan) that entered my heart and mind, a really wonderful mixture of oud, spices and a wonderful velvet finish.
F.A. (Oman)

Kelantan is the centerpiece, very difficult for me to describe. But one thing for sure is that it’s a beautiful masterpiece!
S.O. (Saudi Arabia)

I'm wearing Kelantin, the first one from the set I am trying and it is perfect, very nice.
M.M. (Japan)

Kelantan is already a bottle worthy for me
🤪🤪Totally blown me away 🔥🔥🔥
C.B. (Romania)

I have not had the experience of burning East Malaysian oud chips to my knowledge, but I enjoy the smell of Kelantan and it does have a familiar scent to my brain. It may be that my Muslim friends in the USA have burned Malaysian oud chips during Ramadan or special occassions and that has given the perfume fragrance a distant familiarity. I will ask my Arab friends to comment on the perfume to get their response and I will let you know!
G.A. (USA)

Really enjoying the gourmand facets of Kelantan. So good. I’ve actually never heated oud chips, but now you’ve got me curious.
M.C. (USA)

Unbelievable! Fantabulous
I want 1 more Kelantan
B.M. (India)

The Kelantan I don't know what to say about it and how I'm gonna review it I'm sure I won't give it what it deserves I won't even be able to get clean se to that it's so gorgeous so calming so exquisite so magnificent
B.I. (Canada)

Kelantan is pretty potent stuff though. I get a spicy peppery opening with a touch of medicinal aspects, and it mellows out just slightly with a GREAT woodiness and hints of earth.
A.D. (USA)

Been over 12 hrs, still going pretty strong
A.D. (USA)

I've tried all the previous releases except for Kinam Attar, and Kelantan is my favorite of the bunch. The opening is stunning, with a very prominent cola accord that is balanced nicely by dry woodsmoke. It has the green/earthy heart that I recognize from several of the previous ones, however, here it strikes me as dialed down a bit in sweetness/density/intensity. That works well for me, I can really enjoy it in this dose. There is a dry/sweet contrast is prominent throughout, and the drydown kind of reminds me of LADDM. A spicy dry/woody incense smoothened out by vanilla that goes on for ages. Too expensive for me at this moment but will look to pick one up if it is still around after a couple of weeks. Really good stuff!
K.B. (Sweden)

I tried Kalentan today and my first impression really matches Taha's description of it. it has that spicy peppery opened cola top note that stays for a long time, some short-lived citrusy nuances as well as menthol-like note. Then, it moves to a smooth woody base and I get some vanilla-like sweetness with some cinnamon but not as cinnamic as Khmer Kinam, after some time, I get hints of a green earthy note. It is not as thick or smoky as Khmer Kinam.
A.B. (Oman)

Such a beautiful bottle and great scent!!
A.V. (Belgium)

I really enjoy your perfume aesthetic, in particular those that capture heated agarwood which I have not seen done by anyone else - keep up the amazing work!
J.S. (USA)

I first compared this to Kinam Attar and Khmer Kinam and this is certainly a worthy successor with a realistic heated agarwood accord. Unfortunately, I have not tried Kelantan Terengganu Johor [sic. raw wood chips] yet but from the photo-realism of the previous two and my agreement of many of the notes and accords in your description, I am sure you have accomplished your mission! In comparison to KA and KK, I found K quite a bit more subtle over the first hour - I will see if this will change over time. It opens for me with a sweet spicy accord over that ethereal agarwood smoke feel which really distinguishes your work. I get a touch of greenness which leads to a slight zesty citrus accord towards the end of the first hour and the 'shortbread' accord in the second hour (likely) deriving from a blend of sweet cinnamon and vanillic notes. After 8 hours (on clothing), I detected a herbal green woody accord that I need to re-visit and see how this interplays with the sweeter notes at the top and heart of the composition. Overall an exciting agarwood smoke composition which complements KA and KK!
J.S. (USA)