Oud Product


Shavings from King Super grade agarwood on your favorite incense burner, glistening with bubbling resin and radiating waves of narcotic oudy goodness.

That's a sufficiently accurate description of Kemegahan.

But let's delve deeper.

Kemegahan and Sempurna were twin distillations from identical raw materials harvested from the same tree.
An ancient tree near Taman Negara in Malaysia, almost a century old, is the source of the wood (see here) but how the wood was distilled gives the twins very different characters.

Sempurna was distilled in copper pots, giving it a creamy delicious oudiness reminiscent of the sweet aroma you smell in a room several hours after you have scented it with the smoke of gently heated sinking-grade agarwood.
Kemegahan, on the other hand, was distilled using stainless-steel pots. And its aroma takes your nose 5 inches above a live bubbling agarwood chip.

Was it a matter of simply deciding to use copper pots for one oil and stainless-steel for the other? Far from it.

Kemegahan in particular was far trickier to craft. Hydro-distilled in stainless-steel pots, every variable had to be carefully planned and controlled because the resulting oil could smell like sweet bubbling agarwood... or rotting banana peels, or burning rubber, or diesel, or something in between.
Using a carefully designed fusion of techniques implemented for distilling AgarAura's Indian, Indonesian and Thai oud oils, the result is ironically quite simple: transferring the scent of bubbling agarwood into an oil.

Like Sempurna, Kemegahan is sheer oudiness. But its more incensey, more serious, and darker. It is awe-inspiring and humbling, and seems to capture all the experiences this wise ancient tree underwent.

Kemegahan has one of the most soul-stirring, mind-whirring character of any oud we have ever offered. If you are one of those people who is always hunting for ouds extracted from the most ancient of trees, chances are it's this quality you are after that you just don't find in ouds distilled from younger trees.
If that sounds like you, Kemegahan may be your holy grail.

Wow! This oil is a beast- one sholdn´t place one´s nose to the wrist, unless one wants to be overwhelmed by is power!
Right from the beginning sweet Yemeni myrrh, sugary sweetness, roasted hazelnuts. I love this oil!
May I ask you to reserve another bottle for me?
I need to have a replacement (and I consider buying even more bottles of it!)
T.S. (Germany)

I've spent the last couple days wearing Kemegahan.  It is quite potent and powerful - its scent a fair approximation of its appearance.  It is a dense, stormy fragrance, that billows and spreads thickly in the lower register, without ever really reaching any whistling heights.  What I find especially fascinating about this oil are its introductory notes: cypress nestled in rich leather!  Green, spicy, and balsamic, spilling over a freshly tanned hide.  The true heart of Borneo woods echoes steadily, but always steered by its gateway duo.  Beautiful masculine scent.  If only more men smelled like this..;)
C.G. (USA)

Eh bien comme tu le vois , j'ai finalement craqué pour Kemegahan.
Une odeur de bois pur, sublime ! Dans le style de Sempurna, mais meilleurs encore avec une odeur plus marquée et je pense, plus complexe. Très portable, également, quelque soit les situations.
J.M.S. (France)

The Kemegehan and Sempurna have become my go-to oils for the classic oud smell (at least as far as my nose is concerned).
Z.H. (UK)

I get huge amounts of chocolate at the opening that make you want to apply more and more. 2 hours after applying my roommate, who doesn't wear perfumes, asked me what smelled like burning wood. I had to smile on the inside." so thankful you allowed me in on this gem of an oil!
J.C. (USA)

Chocolate, darked, woody and smoky, but also clean, smooth, sweet,and strong.
Very pleased to have Kemegahan and Sempurna, 2 incredible oils.
T.H. (France)

Using the analogy of a superhero I see Sempurna as Bruce Wayne (clean cut rich dude) and Kemegahan as Batman, Sempurna is sophisticated, light, pleasant, astonishingly floral and I see it as more of a summer oil. Kemegahan on the other hand is darker and more edgier (the smokiness) its just grabs you from the first second you sniff it. With Sempurna its like taking a stroll in a field of flowers while Kemegahan its like walking in a forest (you dont know whats around the corner but you know its exciting).
M.D. (UK)

The steel distillation is entirely different. It has a mightiness that isn't in its - if I may- sister :) It's bolder and firmer, smokier and more punchy. I get a chili pepper smell that I love in ouds but rarely find. I feel as though it is a more "true" reflection of the towering tree in the photo you so kindly sent to me. I feel as though it is shaking its fist at heaven.
M.W. (USA)

This oil is dark, but glossy and shining... like polished mahogany or a star- pricked sky. It has opening notes of black coffee and dark chocolate and stout beer. In fact, the first time I put some on, I had an urge to take a bite of my wrist! After a while, I could detect a tiny hint of something fruity... perhaps an Asian pear, crunchy, half tart, half sweet; this scent contrasted so nicely with the bolder ones, weaving itself in an out, not lasting long. The lingering notes, that last for hours, are those I've come to love in good oud... smokey, creamy, woody.
This oil is very cultured and "grown up". When I wear it, I picture a gentleman in his private study, smoking a pipe, sipping whiskey while he reads from a leather-bound book.
As with all of Taha's oils that I have experienced thus far, Kemegahan is rich and heady, but not heavy. Each one is a precious jewel, transparent and many faceted!
C.M. (USA)