Oud Product


Kemewahan – where luxury meets brazen heady oudiness.

Distilled in a similar fashion to one of our best-selling ouds, Kemegahan, this oud shares a little more than just a resemblance in name. Like its predecessor, Kemewahan displays that mind-whirring, soul-satisfying quality of the finest oud oils extracted from the most ancient of agarwood trees.

But Kemewahan is unusual in that it doesn't smell much like other oud oils -- rather, if you can imagine agarwood (the wood) being transmuted into a liquid and you inhale its aroma, that would be a pretty accurate estimation of the scent.
This is liquid oud wood.

Featuring bottomless depth, sharp woody and ashy opening notes, and smoother woody notes in the drydown. And ridiculously powerful silage...
Kemewahan makes a statement. It demands attention, or rather it irresistibly grabs it. Its pure luxury, but its also a beastly chest-beater (in the most elegant of ways).
And it makes mainstream 'masculine' perfumes seem like grandma's rosey perfume mists.

Since the distiller works full time for Agar Aura now, you now save almost $100 per bottle.
You can buy oud from resellers. Or you can buy your high quality ouds directly from the producer - Agar Aura.

It's amazing, incredibly smooth and tranquil, like an peaceful oudy stream to my nose and bring me relaxation and zen mood. It's absolutely beautiful in smell and sensation that hard to describe by words.
L.L. (Vietnam)

Kamewahan is brilliant fresh smoky. For me it played hide and seek like a hidden smile it stays there and suddenly surprises you. I enjoy it a lot. Time for a full bottle.
S.K. (Australia)

I've received both packages now and am happy to say that I love the Kemewahan - oh man, that is a great scent!  Rich and woody, certainly very masculine - also smooth and sweet though too..
J.M. (USA)

Kemewahan did smell very exotic. Exactly like liquid wood. Very high quality  liquid agarwood.
U.L. (India)

The scent Kemewahan to me was like smelling the fragrance directly from pieces of Agarwood. It smelled very similar to my Agarwood beads bracelet (I was told that the wood was from Indonesia but not sure which region) and the scent was very soothing to me. The scent seemed to change all the time just like Kemewahan and I found it very fascinating.
M.C. (Hong Kong)

I'm still checking out the sample of Kemewahan and the first one hour really grips you with some very rich floral and woody notes and from there on it slowly turns out to be very leathery and dry woody kind of scent and stays to be the same till the dry down.
R.B. (India)

I couldn´t  help but contact you again, and I thank you for the "reality check" you provided.
 The second day, application of Kemewahan, and I realize that this oil is really a beast-- it takes time to get to know it well enough to fully appreciate it.
This time, I was really in for a surprise,  as I uncap the bottle. Suddenly it hits me -- I am greeted by a very subtle but nonetheless unmistakeable Kyara note!
Once I swipe it, the Kyara is soon subdued by the other notes: the fruity apple, smoke, and the wood notes.
But it seems to me that the Kyara is still present, providing, as it were, an undercurrent that makes the woody notes all the more enjoyable.
I am curious what kind of surprise I will be in for next time..
T.S. (Germany)

Last night I put a drop of kemewahan before go to sleep, and I feel breathing in Nirvana! Soo woody, soo sweet,, what an amazing oil..!!

Y.P. (Indonesia)

This one is indeed special!!! I have never experienced so many different layers of scent profiles in an Oud before.
S.S. (USA)

Kemewahan from AA is probably is the top Oud I have ever smelled .. absolutely the best!!!! Clean Oudy..smooky ..woody notes.. Absolutely recommend it!
Customer (USA)

Oil smells dry wood, awesome as usual
T.H. (France)

Starts with very ripe apple scent over some woody smoke. Then the smoky note softens, and I understand what you called "liquid oud wood" - it really smells like a handful of densely resinated agarwood chips, unburned, right under my nose.
Soon, the scent carries also some smokiness like that of `Agar Supreme´ and a slight note of violet leaf alongside a peppery undercurrent - like that of freshly sliced chillies.
About half an hour later, a sweet orange scent emerges; as if some good quality frankincense has just started melting on your burner. Then the scent returns to the agarwood smell familiar from oils like Cantik Candan, but now with a saffron undertone.
Ad again, more wood smoke, a dark agarwoody smoke…and a slight leather-y note. After ten minutes or so it turns sweet(er) again, now playing between the different notes.
As a whole, it is the mid-section between Agar Supreme and Kemegahan. Truly, this oil carries with it the most masculine scent, and its sweet smokiness  reminds me of good leaf tobacco, like that which is used for Cuban cigars, drying in the sun.
What I find amazing is how  the scent changes once I stepped outside into the sun. Then all notes are greatly amplified, and the scent is more like that of Kemegahan. Truly, these two oils share more that just a similar name!
T.S. (Germany)

Kemewahan is excellent!!!!! You should have named it Cantik Candan Twin :)
S.S. (USA)