Oud Product


Having gone 25 hours without a single meal, another 24 hours with just 4 bananas, braved daytime temperatures of 104°F, lost consciousness soon after the briquettes were ignited... what I endured to craft Kenmei and Kiyosumi at a remote distillation facility in Vietnam can only be called 'labor of love'.

Kenmei is the darker (in hue and scent) sister-distillation of Kiyosumi. Distilled from the very same awesome wild-harvested raw materials, the overall theme and flavor of the two oils is the same, however Kenmei emphasizes the strong ambient aroma of oily Vietnamese agarwood much more.

With no barnyard or other off notes of any sort, this oud is a minimalistic yet extremely accurate portrayal of the overall aroma of Vietnamese agarwood, i.e. oeloresin and wood. Featuring classic scent notes of dry Oolong tea leaves, tobacco, and dried cherries, what's most enchanting about Kenmei is that it presents the very same kinammic notes as Kiyosumi... except, the rest of the scent notes in this oil are deeper and darker, and that makes the top notes appear to shine even brighter which last all the way to the drydown.
The result: a more dramatic contrast between the top notes and base notes.

Alas, the yield was lower, and the oil *should* be 20% more expensive. However, this oud was extracted from exactly the same raw material as Kiyosumi, and so I decided to match the price. But most importantly, crafting this oud was a labor of love – hand-cooked with tender care and relentless attention to detail. So consider the price my way of sharing the love.

100% wild, Vietnamese oud... lock, stock, and barrel.
Yes, sometimes dreams do come true.