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Keo is the second installment in Agar Aura's grand 3-part Laotian oud series of 2018.
More than just a nice scent, Keo has tick marks down the check list that qualify it as a therapeutic oud. And yes, of course, it smells awesome.

There are certain qualities which high grade oud oils possess that simply cannot be faked. Although even mediocre raw materials can be masterfully juiced by a skilled hand to make an oud oil that smells great, it will never possess the mind buzz factor. The compounds responsible for that are simply absent in the wood, and no amount of clever tricks can 'will' them into existence.

For me, oud as a scent is now secondary to oud as mind medicine. The stuff that makes the world around you fade out, as the fumes infiltrate the deepest crevices of your lungs and make their way to your brain. If your oud journey has taken you down the same path, well, better start searching for change between your couch cushions... because Keo is an oil that will give you the fix you crave.
If you're not there yet, not to worry – remember, it smells awesome too!

Its oud.. its wild.. its Laotian.. its pusong (high mountain agarwood). 'nuff said.

Keo and Dao were from the exact same harvest, and so there are many overlaps in the scent signatures. Like Keo, it also features the same classic Lao bitter, rooty and medicinal notes. But there is an added layer of fairy dust - the shimmery effulgent halo that is the hallmark feature of full-fledged Gen3 oud (the chemical composition of this halo is what's responsible for the mind buzz).

And as is always the case, the higher the quality, the more accurately the true aroma of the oud oleoresin is captured. So even if you use oud more as a perfume rather than a mind medicine, you should be happy to know that this is a true-to-life depiction of the scent of Lao pusong agarwood. It quite literally smells like 'squeezed agarwood juice'.
Now make that wild Laotian agarwood. Which means... this is some seriously awesome smelling juice.

High quality oil. Easily punches above its price range. Smooth and not a ‘traditional/regular’ fermented style Lao Oud oil. As with all of the G3 oils there is a definitive sparkle to the oil, especially next the opening phase.
Wisps of menthol, incense and resin. None of it overpowering. Some fruitiness in the base. A tenacious, long lasting oil that survived a lot of repeated water contact during the latter stages of the dry down. If I didn’t know the provenance of this oil I would likely be guessing as to the region(s), it is that complex although there is a medicinal/bitter core that will direct the discerning nose the right way.
Z.H. (UK)

Wow amazing one... especially the opening blows my mind
V.D. (UK)

Keo come off very Vietnamese to my nose. Deep.....ohhhh so deep, and vapory. A touch of cooling menthol laced lemon lime fizziness. Some bitterness in the oudy core adds an addictive dimension! I find Keo to be a superb oil for meditation, it pulls you into the present and calms the mind. Colors that come to mind are green and yellow. Very quality oil Taha!
C.B. (USA)

I don't even know how to describe it. Smells like awesome incense. No cheesy or barnyard notes.
A.Z. (USA)

Definitely get the special K connection with these two [sic: Hansei and Keo], they feel like close “Kousins” to me, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Laos oils but they share a lot with their Vietnamese relatives J.
Dao felt like a complete oud to me, Keo took that to another level. Well done.
N.M. (Australia)

The oud note is so lively in it coupled with sweetness I can't express...
Medicinal Vietnam coupled with Sinensis oh my...
IMO this is definitely a Special K oil. You might need to get some new labels Hazrat. Keo Special K.
A.K. (USA)

I can't put a word to it - so good
if Keo is mid, i don't know what top is gonna smell like hahaha
E.M. (Hong Kong)

As of now, I like Keo the most of the Lao oils, but that’s only after cursory swipes of each, haven’t done a full wearing. Royal Lao is surely from the highest grade of wood and shows the most facets. None are typical of anything that I’ve ever smelled.
Keo hits the sweet spot for what I like, not as nuanced as RL but punches harder
A.N. (USA)

Laos well arrived ! You're a star Taha... these oils are... crazy !!!!
C.B. (Switzerland)

Laos mid range [sic: Keo] is UNBELIEVABLE !
S.A. (Bangladesh)

I did have a quick sniff when I opened the parcel and it was literally quite mouth watering.
D.T. (Singapore)

Keo is transforming into a beast more and more everyday
A.K. (USA)