Oud Product


Ketenangan. Serenity. Silence.

Distilled from fantastic incense-grade (see here) wild-harvested Gyrinops agarwood of Sumbawa island, when you put on this oud oil you'll be amazed by the diversity of scent notes it presents.

Gyrinops is a fascinating species of agarwood. When you have a master artist manning the cooking pot (yep, this was distilled by our mad scientist who crafted Keemasan and Kecantikan), this species can yield some fascinating scent notes. From sweet Japanese shiso, to musk, to Vietnamese kinam, the possibilities are limitless.

Ketenangan was distilled using our latest cutting edge extraction techniques, which were tested in a Malaysian labratory and proven to produce the absolute richest oud oils possible. Apply these special techniques to excellent quality raw materials, using our unique hybrid copper+steel setup... and what you have is an oud that even your scent-allergic grandmother would love.

It almost smells like a cross between Borneo and Papua ouds, intertwined with Vietnamese kinam. We assure you though: this is a single-source 100% Sumbawa Gyrinops extraction.

The salient feature of this oil is its sweetness, and it is of four types.
There is a dry woody sweetness similar to the aroma emitted from polishing a highly resinated chunk of agarwood.
Gone is the deer musk sweetness which is the hallmark feature of Sumbawa Gyrinops, and in its place you now have a sweet powdery-coumarin quality.
There is a hint of sweet white florals, more prominent in the opening and taking the back seat as the scent develops.
And finally, there is a kinam-like sweetness... hard to put into words; you have to smell kinam yourself to know what I'm referring to. NOT the piercing sweetness of the opening burst of kinam when its heated but rather the gentle sweetness you encounter when you stick your nose into a jar full of glutinous Cambodian purple kinam.
Best of all, the dry down smells almost exclusively of kinam - a testament to the quality of the raw materials and superiority of the distillation techniques used.

Ketenangan smells very 'glassy'. Its an incredibly clean smelling oud, mostly due to our distillation techniques. In fact, a trial batch was distilled alongside Ketenangan using the very same raw materials but implementing the best of our old distillation methods, and although it smells nice it doesn't have the rich, ethereal, otherwordly quality that Ketenangan possesses.

Want to zone out and transport your mind to another space?
Swipe, dab, inhale.

What can I say, this is much more than perfume. It's so calming as it evolves throughout the day, it's truly something you must experience as mere words do not do it justice. This has to be the most unique 3oud I have ever come across. You have earned my total respect and I hope you continue down this path. I wish you, the hunters, distillers and everyone involved the most highest success as you all deserve it. Your hard work is paying off. God bless and all the best Taha,
E.Z. (Ireland)

Just wanted to let you know the Ketenangan is excellent. Glassy is a perfect description for this oil. This is the first time that I have gotten a strong image from an oud oil and the image I have is of a thundering waterfall crashing over rocks in a dense forest. Very clean with none of the turpentine notes (although some probably love this note as well).
J.F. (USA)

Your description of Ketenangan is spot on! The intricate layers of sweetness with the interlacing of the airy floral sweetness of Borneo with the slight dampness of the Maroke jungle. I don't have much experience with kinam but the bitter sweetness of the dry down is definitely one to look forward to!
M.A. (Singapore)

Ketanangan!  Oh man, this is such a sublime scent!  Starts out with a rich woody Borneo character, and then starts to morph into this sweet kinamic potpourri - this is the sort of oud which goes beyond scent, and taps into some deeper realm of consciousness..
J.M. (USA)

It's a beautiful oil. Very kinamic. Much like Royal Chen. I could pick up the ambergris scent right away. It is a very fresh and soothing oil. I also get floral hints like dandelions and white florals.
M.J. (USA)

WOW totally blew me away, starts of with sweet borneo like notes with a mix of slowly heated papua chips, after that........... KINAM. I thought i had put on Royal Chen Xiang, gyrinops that smell like kinam!!! cant get my head around it.
F.A. (UK)

it's a mix of soft sweet floral (first notes) and green jungliness that has freshness of sparkling water. The provenance would keep me guessing, not really Papua, not really Borneo.
A.A. (Croatia)

Ketenangan conjured images of lush forests and turquoise seas, and my mind kept whispering "Atlantis".
C.M. (USA)

The drydown is amazing ive never smelt something like this.
A.H. (UK)

I've enjoyed ketenangan a few times now.  It seems to have Pursat's beautiful smooooth woodiness, but a touch of florals and some zest that Pursat did not reveal to me.
L.M. (USA)

Indeed I can recognize and feel purity,  a crystal clearness in its profile. I don't know how to say but that oud doesn't keep one on its surface but takes you for a ride deeper inside to seduce you and reveal its beautiful personality. I can smell and appreciate sweetness throughout the whole testing experience from top notes until base notes. I have to go back to it to feel subtilities of those different kinds of sweetness but definitely that is delicious. I can feel the ethereal but also slightly minty profile that is common to papua and borneo oils which I really like.
A.K. (France)

i have to say ketenangan is amazing, in particular the dry down as u have mentioned it smells like kinam.
A.H. (UK)

I want another 3grams of ketanangan asap,lol I love it
A.K. (USA)

So when I received this I become quite anxious…’A borneo? NOO’ ‘I asked Taha to send me the new Sumbawa oil!!!’  (this was after having just experienced the classic indah Sumbawa in an earlier sample). So I was set back by this sweet (yellowish?), woody, almost Malinau type fragrance, but with a distinct character (ps. your description linking it to Kecantican is well placed) …. It has some impressive depth in its sweetness and as a ‘non-lover’ of Borneo ouds…I find myself strangely infatuated by this oil. For all the Borneo lovers, here is a chance to experience the best features of the oils from that region endowed with wonderful depth and enhanced by a heart of pure Sumbawa goodness. An hour or so into my swipe…I begin experiencing some of the superb dry down notes I love so much in my Indah Sumbawa…
T.G. (Dubai)