Oud Product

Hindi Khalis

Hindi Khalis was distilled from the same stock of agarwood as our Aatma. After the first batch of oil was collected after 5 days of distillation, the wood was cooked for another 5 days and we got Hindi Khalis.

What you have here is first grade pure Indian agarwood oil, distilled from wild-harvested agarwood trees around 60 years old.

When distilling oud oil or any other essential oil, not all the aromatic compounds that are present in the agarwood come out at the same rate. Certain compounds are released rapidly, while others require more time to be extracted.
Hindi Khalis is almost identical to Aatma, however it has a slightly different arrangement of the exact same aromatic compounds. It is a little heavier on the sweet hay note and is more woody. In class, both oils are equally refined and elegant.
You will have to sniff twice to make out the subtle differences between the two oils, and at $100 less than Aatma, this oil is an absolute steal.