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Kham Lao

Far from the funky socks-meet-a-cow's-behind aroma that is commonly associated with poorly distilled Laotian oud oils (the result of human tampering, and the standard "Laotian oud" aroma), Kham Lao is the mirror image of the wood it was distilled from: beautiful wild incense-grade agarwood from the furthest peripheries of Laos bordering the Yunnan Province of China: the craggy 'Pusong' mountains of Phongsaly Province.

Boasting a deeply satisfying Yunnani flavored oudiness, Kham Lao is the poster child of Oud Done Right. Its not timid, its not apologetic, but its intensely resinous scent is surprisingly friendly with an impeccably polite crowd-pleasing aroma.

Bittersweet wood, Chinese medicine/herbs, long-steeped Wuyi rock tea, spicy cinnamic notes... all cocooned in a delectable golden resinous oudiness.
Additionally, v2 brings a mouthwatering green apple Jolly Rancher candy flavor, which makes the aroma super addictive and will have you constantly returning to your wrist.

If your experience with so-called 'oud' has until now been with badly distilled funky fluids, or if you've never tried real incense-grade oud oils before, consider it a must to try Kham Lao.

The kham Lao is also fantastic MashaAllah.
Starts off like a green sweet perfume almost then dries to a black tea base.
I’ve never smelt an oil like this
J.R. (UK)

Beautiful Oud from Laos and China border representing the characteristics of yunani oud with notes of tea, chinese herbs/medicine and cinnamic sweetness, this is when distillation is done right. Apply a swipe, take a deep sniff and with your closed eyes you can see all these notes along with the oudiness dancing in joy, taking turns and unravelling then coming together. Truly a masterpiece.
Oud_Detrop @ instagram

A.J. (USA)

This is beautiful, really loving it
B.S. (Canada)

I got my nose on Kham Lao and I am in love with it. I think I’m going to have to get a loan against my retirement and beg for a Tola of that. My lord its awesome! Congratulations on another massive hit!
👏 What a superb superb oil in every facet.
#TAHAISTHEGOAT (Greatest Of All Time)…!
Z.W. (USA)

This morning I was comparing Kham Lao and L4K. That must’ve fried my brain a bit too.
Kham Lao has a bitter almost tea like opening
T.D. (USA)

Wow just Wow
Green tea, mint, Bitter sweet, medicinal, spices(cinamon), sinensis (Hainan Vietnamese feel)
This oil punches way over its price.
D.P. (India)

I may warn you with Kham Lao …
I know atleast 3 to 4 people who have ended up buying a back up bottle of Kham Lao…
D.P. (India)

First sniff and i was like wait is this cambodi and then a little later its a burst of green right after the application and followed by medicinal sweetness and greenishness.
Cant wait to see what the dry down is going to be like.
Cant stop sniffing my wrist…
Dry down is beautiful aroma of wood on low temp however with greenishness still emitting like it travelled all the way back from top note to base note and now it united at the dry down. Also in between middle note to dry down transition during the shape shifting from medicinal sweetness to dry down, i was able to detect some whiffs more like glazed carrot smell which i have never smelled in a oud before.
This truly is a masterpiece out there fellows.
M.H. (USA)

Man this is gold.
A.P. (Dubai)