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Khashab is Arabic for wood. But in the realm of scents it generally refers to Frankincense, and occasionally Oud. This blend incorporates both of these ingredients, and also includes essential oils extracted from other woods.

I had been toying with the idea of creating an all-wood blend for a while, and it finally bore fruition in the form of Khashab.

'Woody' is, naturally, the best way to describe this parfum. All the ingredients in this blend came from trees*. No florals or any other essential oils, and of course, no synthetics.
It's all about tree resins, tars, woods, woods and more woods.

The scent of Khashab is very dynamic. Not only is it very complex and deep due to the very nature of wood extracts, but it actually smells different in different settings. So you might find it sweeter indoors and crisper outdoors, more creamy-woody when its warm and rugged when its cold. Khashab contains actual liquified resins aside from essential oils, and therefore changes in temperature is one of the easiest (and fun!) ways to enjoy different facets of this oil.

Rugged, dry and woody - be sure to always keep your bottle close at hand to satisfy your wood crave.

*some non-tree-derived ingredients were used in the tincture base (tonka bean, absinthe, etc.) to fit the aroma into a perfume structure.

I liked ( Khashab ) a fresh summer perfume , notes of luban hajari, with woody notes and a wonderful lemon touch I loved him so much.
F.A. (Oman)

This was more of a surprise for me! When I hear only woods or no florals or citrus notes, I suspect a very dark resinous composition - Khashab was far lighter and brighter than I expected! I find this one really hard to break down due to its excellent blending and uniqueness. My feeling is there is a copious amount of coniferous/cedar material here giving it plenty of freshness and brightness, probably with frankincense lending it some citrus nuances. There is also something contributing to an almost herbal woody bitterness restrained with sufficient sweetness which adds another dimension and interest. I would like to say I detect the sandalwood, oud etc., but for now I need to explore this more! A really unique wood-based composition that I look forward to wearing throughout the year.
J.S. (USA)

I'm loving it! It's sweet & woody. Tons of wood, which I guess is the whole point of the fragrance, after all....
if you guys are looking for a true woody fragrance, and one that's all natural to boot! -- look no further than Khashab. The stuff's awesome. 
E.S. (USA)

That was really quick transit this time!  I'll let you know how I go with them, but so far - well I do love Khashab! It sits a little close to the skin (it is a cold winter here though) but what a beautiful scent - the notes are seemlessly combined and I really like the sweetness.
R.S. (Australia)

The Kashab is just too soothing and has been my constant companion for the winter
H.K. (Pakistan)

Khashab seems to me what one ought to expect from anything called "Oud Wood." Yes, I'm pointing my finger at Tom Ford, whose immensely popular Oud Wood falls very short of appealing for me. However, Taha's creation really marries those two words in this creation: the oud is very prominent and yet it's woody. In fact, it smells to me like the extracts of woods and the frankincense added are just subtly done in such a way as to bring out the woody elements of the oud oil he used, which to me smells like Borneo...
C.S. (USA)

Smells foresty... its very relaxing.
C.C. (Canada)

It's a wood lovers dream come true!
N.P. (USA)