Oud Product

King Koh Kong

This oud is, without a doubt, the crown jewel of the numerous distillations we conducted for a very special client of the Middle East.

Insanely high grade wild-harvested raw materials (you have to see it, to believe it) harvested from the most prized jungle in all of Cambodia: Koh Kong; nothing but the best would do for the finicky noses of the wealthy sheiks.

What started out as a distillation for one single man piqued the interest of two more suppliers to special clients of GCC  countries and what we have here now is a small bit of oil remaining of a monumental distillation project, something which otherwise could not have been done considering the sheer scale of the project - that is, except with the help of our friends from the Arabian Gulf.
(Of course, our unique extraction techniques which typically increase the yield ten-fold certainly helped as well. Otherwise, imagine another zero at the end of the price!)

Like most of the other oud distillations that were conducted for these clients, King Koh Kong is of a unique oud genre, a "Gen4" oud oil.

The oud speaks for itself, so there's no need for marketing fluff. When you see the raw material, and more importantly when you smell the oil for yourself, you will realize its value.
So let's skip right to the aroma.

As is the case with most oud oils extracted from large agarwood chips and chunks, this oil has a lustrous silky aroma that starts off understated, and comes to life after you apply it. It 'glows' carrying up wafts of intoxicating oudy goodness to your nose when you least expect it.
There are no chirpy, bubbly, overly-fruity notes. Yes, there are fruity undertones, but unlike most Cambodian ouds which have a strong scent of ripe fruits (often verging on fermentation), here they are of the dried-fruit variety:  sticky currants, figs, and prunes aplenty.
The overall character of this oud is very mature, dark and resinous. The traditional soaking of the raw material in Koh Kong's infamous "red water" brought out the hot and spicy notes - crucial for Koh Kong ouds, to replicate the spicy character which sets Koh Kong agarwood apart from agarwood from all other regions in Cambodia. It also helped transmute the typical Cambodian caramelicous sweetness into the unmistakably Koh Kong burnt toffee sweetness. And finally, it also brought out the thing which, to me, is the most addictive scent note in Koh Kong agarwood: pipe tobacco.

If you've run out of our old Cambodian oils Cambodi Royale or Royal Kampuchea, you'll be pleased to know that King Koh Kong is of the same scent genre, except... its a Gen4 oud. And extracted from 100% Koh Kong materials (the former 2 oils were from various regions of Cambodia). And the quality of raw materials, well... you saw it for yourself.

A word to the wise: if you are not a seasoned Monkoh practitioner whose nose has mastered the art of discerning the subtlest agarwood nuances, then to really appreciate the beauty of this oud (and this applies to all Gen3 and Gen4 ouds) I recommend holding your nose half an inch away from the spot where you applied the oud, and then inhale deeply but very slowly for 5-10 seconds, allowing the aroma to fill your lungs.
Prepare to be amazed.
Gloriously thick layers of gooey resin, dried fruit, cherry-flavored pipe tobacco, hot and sweet spices, and burnt toffee... all riding atop a rich Aquilaria Crassna base packed with sesquiterpenes of dangerously medicinal potency, this is the finest Koh Kong oud we have ever offered.

I've found beyond my expectations and would not miss the opportunity of getting it. It is so complex and , in a simply word GOOD . It really seems to include and harmonize all the good scents one know, giving a full perception of peace and satisfaction.
A.A. (Italy)

The king koh kong kicks major ass and may be my favorite.
P.O. (USA)

Right off the bat, King Koh Kong is a quality oil. That is evident even when one applies micro swipes from the sample vial. I imagine that this is what the raw (un-heated) wood smells like. It's starts off strong, but not overpowering. It's very woody and dry (similar to Vietnamese) with absolutely no off notes. It's what I would call smooth. The oil evolves over time and ends up with a slight sweetness. This quality was enough to justify a full bottle purchase, without question.
It wasn't until I received the full bottle that I realized just how amazing this oil is. No, it's not because of the cool crystal bottle! Lol! I applied what I consider a full wearing. A full swipe on each wrist and then dabbed it on my beard and arms. The opening was the same as when I sampled it, more intense with the amount applied. 10-15 minutes into wearing it, I was hit with an olfactory deja vu that I have never experienced before. I couldn't understand where I had smelled this aroma before, but then it hit me. The full wearing re-created the same aroma that I experienced when I heated the chip (Agar Aura style) that you included with my bottle! I confirmed this when I went home and heated another small piece. You truly re-created what you were after since the beginning. The only thing is that you must do a full wearing in order to experience this. The aroma has to hit you from all angles and distances to re-create the aroma of the heated chips. Finally, the end of the life of this oil is actually semi-sweet as the heart of the oil is dominated by the sweetness that is found in the heated chip aroma. This sort of relegates the sweetness at the end to a bitter sweet since you just experienced a true intense sweetness. Hands down, a masterpiece that fully reveals itself with a proper full wearing.
S.G. (USA)

Really brilliant Cambodi. Deep, dark red fruits. Slightly medicinal. Lasts forever. Decent projection. Well worth the $750/3g price IMO.
B.H. (USA)

Une huile superbe , de qualité , qui n'est en aucune façon offensive et qui effectivement , se développe progressivement sur la peau. L'odeur n'est pas entêtante , mais dure longtemps. D'une grande douceur , en même temps chaude. Des fruits , style dates ou pruneaux séchés , oui , c'est ce que je pourrai d'écrire aussi.Par contre , je ne parviens pas identifier les notes de tabac pipe. (Mais peut-être évoquais -tu un tabac plus proche de celui que l'on utilise pour le narguilé ?) C'est peut être bizarre , mais en portant kkk, j'ai eu en mémoire Oud Darussalam , mais en beaucoup plus doux et confortable...
Précision : en ce moment , il fait très chaud et l'huile est tout fait confortable , donc portable tout moment de l'année.
J.S. (France)

It's definitely one of the best oils that I have sampled to date. Probably the best or right up there with another oil crafted from Vietnamese agar wood. Very woody, dry, and slightly spicy. It definitely changes over time on your skin and gets slightly sweet. I can definitely smell the high quality. My first Koh Kong Oud.
S.G. (USA)

It opens silky smooth and dark, gone are the usual sweet-fruity Cambodi "like me" notes. Dark and slow opening of the high quality oils, the antipode to the ones with vaporous top notes.
This oil is very elegant, and subdued in character, that's what makes it attractive. One needs peace of mind to appreciate it, and feels emotionally grounding.
The sweetness is of the uplifting, expansive and airy kind. spicy and herbal notes are fully integrated into the background. This oil is mostly resin and incense. that juicy basenote is not exactly tobacco, but similar in register, deep. Is it fruity? only in an abstract way. And another great thing about KKK is the drydown, never goes bitter or grassy, but finishes almost where it started. It would be nice to have more agarwoody Cambodi oils like this one.
A.A. (Croatia)

I can't believe how much my experience of it has developed... I liked it from the first sniff, but almost feels like a transformed oil where the complexity is more discernible. Like at first it was just hands down a nice smelling Cambodi oil. But I said the whole experience of smelling the oil has become on a different level because I can pick up notes and nuances that were almost ghayb to me before haha
T.G. (Dubai)

The scent belongs in a different league on its own. So old school takes me back to the 80's in the masjid & old Arab guy is giving attar, the whole masjid smelled like the King Koh Kong classic scent that's beautiful, all I can say is this is a journey In a bottle, JazakAllah Taha for releasing this Gem in a bottle.
- Customer

The kohkong king is stellar!
W.C. (Singapore)

The King Koh Kong definitely has depth and presence. For some reason, it seems to have an "island" feel to it. Is the area where the wood originated near salt water or was it from the "mainland?" I was lucky to get a drop (literally) of your Oud KK from a friend. Wasn't sure if it was available to order. It was less intense than the King Koh Kong and a little sweeter, I think..A drop doesn't quite have the impact as a .15 ml sample does. I know that it was exceptional and lasted 4 hours or so. The King Koh Kong lasted a lot longer...Probably, a day, maybe more.
Tried the KKK and the SamRosa compare. The SamRosa is definitely softer and almost floral fragrant with a slight spicy touch to its "woody" waft.
L.K. (USA)

Recently I've started to learn to appreciate the burning/heating of agarwood, and this smells just like scented smoke. I must be imagining it, but inhaling this even feels like smoke to the nose and throat, that little bit of irritation from inhaling the burning resin/wood, but with it smelling so good. After an hour, the scent profile has begun to turn to green (also nice), but still having that smoky aura... I am not sure how you captured the heated chips aroma quite in this way, but wow :)
M.I. (USA)

Not sweet and fruity but deep resinous instead, almost spicy or bitter. interesting to note how the profile shifts with more resin in wood.
- Customer

The King Koh Kong is a journey in a bottle , so many interesting nuances , but the dry down is the best, super spicy, it's a true benchmark for the scent profile, no other distiller hit that profile… hands down you take the cake for true Cambodi , hope you can create more gems like that oil…
I.R. (Canada)

I like your Cambodi, you captured a scent that gave me memories from the 80's, the only person that came close to the King Koh Kong scent profile was an old Guy from BD who had a stash of oils from the 90's, I got a Cambodi from him that comes close to it, but with deeper earthy notes with intense animalic notes, but your oils has longer silage
I.R. (Canada)

I am really enjoying KKK - It’s a great oud and exactly what i was expecting in terms of scent.
I get that rich intense fruity oudy smell.
It is defiantly my favorite Cambodi so far!
I.K. (USA)

The King I am still figuring out. So powerful but so sweet.
A.K. (USA)

Let me start by saying I am not a Cambodia fan. They just don't seem to have enough bass. I never really feel they are oud enough. I just received the samples and have only just smelled the stick of king Koh Kong it is amazing It has the depth and richness of a Malaysian oud but with the Koh Kong profile. This is truly a work of art. Now I have to save up for a bottle.
B.J. (USA)