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Oud KK

From the rugged northern mountainous terrain of Kota Kinabalu in the Malaysian state of Sabah, Borneo, we present to you Oud KK - an oil that reiterates the enchanting qualities of all of our previous mountain-agarwood oils, but this time in a uniquely Sabah flavor.

The entire state of Sabah is predominantly mountainous, which results in almost all ouds from here being imbued with a distinct 'mountain oud' quality. And then there's Kota Kinabalu (locally, referred to as 'KK'), home of Mount Kinabalu: the tallest mountain in the world east of the Himalayas. And home to the agarwood that was used for crafting our Oud KK.

This oud is like Brunei agarwood, on steroids. Or alternatively, imagine all of its Sabah qualities further Sabah-fied.

If you have never experienced the narcotic sweetness of Brunei Aquilaria Microcarpa, you've been missing out.
Now hop over from Brunei to KK, to its north east. When the first wisps rising from heated KK agarwood hit your nose, you will experience all that Bruneian yuminess with added layers of mountain-oud goodness. Its a quality hard to put into words - I believe it is due to altered sesquiterpene concentrations in the wood. And sesquiterpenes are, after all, the psychotropic compounds in agarwood which have been demonstrated in lab tests to possess therapeutic qualities that calm the mind.

There is something calming and therapeutic about mountains; you feel it when you see them scraping the sky, and interestingly you notice it when you interact with people from mountainous regions as well.
Mountain ouds are no exception. You can feel the effects when you inhale the aroma.

Oud KK shares the same backbone as our Sabah Select. Its a Microcarpa oil. But more importantly, its a Sabah Microcarpa oil. Previously you may have tried our Keemasan which displayed the thrumming golden notes of Microcarpa agarwood from West Borneo. Here, you have the epitome of North Borneo Microcarpa: not just from Sabah, but from the most mountainous region of Sabah. Its not a golden aroma, its blue. And all the 'blue' Sabah notes are further washed in blue.
Sky blue turns to cerulean. The topaz quality is more sapphire now, cobalt even.

Oud KK, as usual, is a full-spectrum oud extraction, consisting of all the fractions of the aromatic compounds in the wood. But this particular batch of oil has an exceptionally high concentration of base note fractions.

From the moment you apply it to the final stages of the dry down, Oud KK exemplifies the silky sweet and pristine qualities of fine Microcarpa agarwood from the backwoods of the secluded mountains of North Borneo.
Let this oud transport you there...

I am always stunned by the way that applying Oud changes enhances and provokes a psychoactive response. In this respect Oud KK is stunning. Initially camphorous full of Ozone and fresh, it gives way to a deep woodiness. So calming and exquisite in its scent cycle, unfortunately was too slow to pick myself up a bottle, it sold out very quickly.
J.B. (UK)

I'm actually wearing it now and am completely blown away by it... incredibly green..then blue.  Camphor...into turpentine without any offense.
Electric.  Ozone.  Bright.  Crisp.  Alive.
Not sure how else to describe with mere words.
S.P. (Canada)

If I tell you KK reminds me of my trip to Borneo and Kota Kinabalu you'd probably think me falling prey to auto-suggestion.
A.A. (Croatia)

I took a swipe of the KK last night.  Another beautiful oil.  But this one has some serious "legs."  It just kept humming along.  A bit more floral than the HM, but also a rich, mellow woody oud.  I liked this one a whole bunch to, especial its longevity.  
L.M. (USA)

This stuff is fantastically uber green.