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Kalbar Koh

An unusual Borneo oud, Kalbar Koh was distilled from agarwood harvested exclusively from jungles surrounding Pontianak, the 'Malinau of West Borneo'. While unusual as a Borneo oud oil, it in fact more closely resembles the scent of heated agarwood chips from Kalbar (West Borneo).

Like Kuno Kayu, Kalbar Koh is another successful AgarAura 'smart distillation'. By ensuring that wood with optimal oil-to-resin ratio was used, Agar Aura is proud to present what is easily the finest quality oud oil we've ever offered at this price point.

Boasting a very broad spectrum of scent notes, Kalbar Koh features a very dynamic scent that evolves a great deal as it develops on your skin.
The opening has an airy quality, and its all about musky florals like cananga, jasmine buds and tuberose, together with very 'green' herbal notes suggesting sweet basil, moss, and patchouli. Like all Kalbar ouds, the opening is bold, vibrant and full of life. But unlike most oud oils from Kalbar which can be very wetsmelling, careful tweaking of the distillation suppressed the wetter notes and instead brought out more of the herbal nuances. Having aged the oil to get rid of rawness and still notes, Kalbar Koh is smooth and does not have any off notes.

As the oil develops on the skin, the most incredible tea leaf aroma surfaces. If you are a fan of Oolong teas from the Fujian province in China (one of my personal favorites), you will immedietely pick up the unmistakable golden-brown bitter-sweet Phoenix Oolong notes in this oud. By now the signature Borneo oud note also becomes more apparent, and you will be amazed to detect a lot of resemblances to Kemenyan which was after all a co-distillation of Kalbar and Kaltim agarwood.
A light resinous bitterness is balanced with an addictive incensey aroma, and the heart and base notes very closely resemble the scent of bubbling Kalbar agarwood chips.

Oud lovers, incense lovers, tea lovers - don't miss out on Kalbar Koh.
Very limited supply.

There is one note that sneaks in throughout (Mostly in the dry down.) that to me, is very invoking. It's a deep yet subtle note. A sort of dry woodsy scent with a little bit of spice. It has a sort of antique quality to it. It also has that meditative quality I seek when I burn or wear oud. I'm very happy that I picked up a bottle of this one!
M.J. (USA)

I've got to say - Mate, what an awesome oil, particularly at that price point! Your description I find accurate, with lovely fruity floral notes backed by an addictive resinous base. While not overtly sweet, I pick up a nice vanilla note that smooths it and sweetens just enough. The woody, incense and tea nuances add to the dynamic nature of this oil. The ethereal dimension usually associated with Borneo oils is played down, emerging during the drydown, but not taking centre stage, but rather blending with the resinous and deep aspects. All this without smelling dank or muddy, leading to a marvellously balanced oil that is, to my nose, unique for this genre. Crikey - floral and resinous - I'm a happy camper!
R.S. (Australia)

The rubbed wood drydown is so sweet and delicious it is not to be missed! 
J.C. (USA)

Recieved a while back and ive been taking it for a spin and i have to say this  is one of the nicest oils ive had for a while ,it really has grown on me more and more every time i wear it ,the dry down after a day on my clothes is to die for   very sweet and its got the moss coming out the wazoo ,i never thought id like a borneo as much...
C.T. (UK)

Kalbar Koh I like because of the limited sweetness, other aromas get opportunity for playing first and second violin.
My impressions: resinous light fresh bitter oud oil with whispy sweet airy fruity-floral notes. Well balanced aromas, incense, moss and florals. Borneo wood becomes apparent after shorter time.
A.A. (Croatia)

A couple more observations on Kalbar Koh:
nice Kinam high note with fresh green moss and vetiver as the opening. Light bitter wood, green freshness of herbs, elegant resin with a sweet twist at the end. Next comes subdued fruitiness, pollenous presence, sweetness intensifying. Light sweet incense notes and florals of cananga kind. Heart notes are a balanced mix of different notes. Whiffs of fragrant ash and fresh dry woodiness later.
There is something elegant about this oil, even classical in character.
A.A. (Croatia)

I love it, I'm hooked on that light ethereal fruity/floral high note good Borneo oud offers.... I've had it on now, the last couple hours, it keeps giving & giving that note I love
K.D. (USA)