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Koh Kood

Throw a stone westwards from Koh Kong, Cambodia, and it will land in the Thai island, Koh Kood.
Once a part of the Cambodian Kingdom, agarwood from this island is remarkable in that it possesses the same essence as Koh Kong Cambodian oud at the core.
But its an island oud...
And if there's one thing we all know by now, its that when any specie of agarwood grows on an island, it develops certain properties that set it apart from the same specie growing in continental Asia.
Peninsular Malaysian Malaccensis vs Borneo Malaccensis, Thai Hirta vs Sumatran Hirta, and the list goes on.

One of the sweetest, most sublime agarwood is the one that is from the pointy 'tips' of heartwood chips (see here).
Koh Kood smells like heated Koh Kong 'chip tips'... but with an island twist. And a most unusual one at that. Imagine all the usual dried fruit (dates, figs and raisins aplenty) along with the usual woodiness and syrupy resinousness, but under a blanket of fuzzy green oakmoss, along with melon rind and minus the spices of continental Cambodian agarwood.
A tropical islandy Cambodian profile is perhaps the hardest and most unusual scent to imagine, but its a combination that works rather well!

The island is heavily protected against poaching, and only fallen-off branches and naturally dead trees are allowed to be harvested. This not only allowed for the raw material to be incredibly affordable, but it also allows you to experience oud from wild old trees – something that's getting harder by the day.

Masha’Allah, Its absolutely wonderful. We tried Koh Kood, and the 1 word my wife and I agree upon is "CLEAN". It just feels so clean. When my wife wore the oud the scent was still somewhat the same but the vibe/feeling was completely different, it become ladylike. Whereas for me, it was just so MACHOOOOO!!! hahaha.
R.R. (Singapore)

I am even more in love with the Koh Kood. It is simply amazing.
H.H. (USA)

A very solid oil and priced nicely. It could prove a nice gateway in for someone new to oud yet it is still satisfying for experienced users. :-)
E.V. (USA)

Wow, what a treat! I can understand why this fragrance is compared to Paradise.
J.M. (USA)

One of my favorites recently for regular use.
A.Z. (USA)

Simply cambodian and simply perfect!
A.K. (USA)

More Thai than Cambodi but the bitterness and some fuzzy green balsam oakmoss on top. Yes all those same dried fruit notes of yusuf and friends are here too but the profile has some ALIVE green and tree sap buzzing on top. nice oil. respectable complexity for the price. easy wear. newbie friendly.
R.S. (Canada)

Cambodi from the island across.
Thai dried fruit and classic Trat nose mingled with fruity, green, bitter elements. even a touch of that minty cool note. enjoyable guilt free ware.
R.S. (Canada)

To be clear, this oil smells nothing like any Koh Kong ouds I have tried. Its opening gives Khmer Special K for its money. A kinamic bitter medicinal dark bittersweet caramely amazingness. This then begins to transform into a syrupy incensy woodiness with a distinctly "breezy" aspect. It is not oceanic per se, but it makes one feel like you are on a tropical island with breezes blowing through your hair, the trees and the waves. There is a bitter tanginess lurking which is the closest is comes to Koh Kong but it is not really close. This oil is immensely complex, with some melon, oakmoss, and heated wood. I do not get the feeling this oil was distilled with accessory notes in mind. Definitely in the oleoresin category to me but is not a singular scent. The development goes through some of the wildest transformations I have seen.
I think this is one of the most amazing oils in terms of value. So much so, I secured a second bottle immediately. Taha, this is just an amazing achievement my friend.
P.O. (USA)

An oil, which on paper, may not really catch my eye, but in actuality may be the single greatest value oil I have ever run across.
P.O. (USA)