Oud Product

Koten Jinkoh

If high grade Japanese incense was your gateway to oud oils, chances are that you haven't smelled any oil - as great as it may be - that reminds you of agarwood chips from the big Japanese incense houses.

Our oud oils Aatma and Kemenyan accurately captured the scent of agarwood chips from Indian and Borneo island respectively. But for lovers of Japanese incense, there was nothing that captured that unmistakable scent of Vietnamese agarwood chips - the type most commonly offered by Japanese companies. in Koten Jinkoh there is now reason to rejoice.

When the wood used for crafting Oud Kampuchea was harvested, there was a good amount of wood that was collected. I wanted to offer another oil distilled from wood from the same harvest - a cousin of Oud Kampuchea but altogether different.

Koten Jinkoh is dry, bold, and unapologetically woody. Whereas Oud Kampuchea was all about the sweet fruity notes, Koten Jinkoh has a very serious and dignified aroma with minimal fruity notes.

Koten Jinkoh smells amazingly similar to Baieido's premium Vietnamese agarwood chips, Hakusui. Hot, peppery and spicy notes of clove and nutmeg ride on top of the rugged woodiness. A gentle bitter oudiness keeps the sweet fruity notes of plums and raisins from becoming too cloying, ensuring that the experience is dignified, serious, and meditative.

With virtually no authentic wild-harvested Vietnamese oud oils in existence, this is about as close as you can get to the scent of vintage Vietnamese agarwood chips offered by the big Japanese incense companies.

The ethereal sweetness of your Koten Jinkoh is so transcendent that it sends our speech into exile... Thank you.
J.S. (USA)

this oil is calm, dark, warm, vanilla sweet but not fruity,  you want to wrap yourself in it and relax
I.I. (U.K.)

Finally got Koten Jinkoh after about a dozen was like a Eureka moment! Layers of spice and hot pepper unfurl over many hours with just  a nuance of sweet. Love it.
T.P. (U.K.)

Koten J is for me nicer than [Oud] Kampuchea, it is more elegant, incensy mossy resinous and with more pronounced high notes, fruity part is nicely incorporated with the rest, not as dominant as in Oud K. Light bitterness with wood.
A.A. (Croatia)

I just received the oils you sent to me. I've got to say. I'm thoroughly impressed with them both! I was considering purchasing [Oud] Kampuchea, when it was in stock and was a little saddened when it sold out. But, Koten Jinkoh lifted my spirits once again! It closely resembles [Oud] Kampuchea. But, has more of a woodsy and sober character.
M.J. (USA)

I applied the Koten Jinkoh, it's like you stripped out most of the sweet fruity scent of the [Oud] Kampuchea & left the oud. Now if I want a sweet fruity oud, I go for the Kampuchea. When I'm sick of the sweet fruit(I do get sick of at times) I have a slight sweet, woody, spicy [Oud] Kampuchea with out the stronger fruity scent. I think each one is perfect for their own occasion, nice work.
K.D. (USA)

My first thought was how different, but still Oud Kampuchea's close relative, at times. I could pick up the dry spicy peppery wood scent, a touch of vanilla, then it would come back so close to the sweet fruitiness but it would stop & fool you, the sweetness shows the fruitiness doesn't quite show itself I would almost expect the full Kampuchea but it fools you it just teases you.  I was staying away from the sweet fruity oud, for a while that's all I was using, this is a nice change, it fits right in the middle somewhere. I like it a lot..
Customer (USA)