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Kritsana Pa

We know that wild agarwood is on the verge of extinction. Given this looming grim fate, agarwood farmers in Thailand have made great advancements in farming sustainable agarwood trees, and trying to replicate the aroma of wild agarwood as best as they can.

Our Thai Symphony bore testimony to the fact that oils extracted from cultivated trees can smell great. But it requires great attention to every detail of the extraction process.

I often wondered what a true wild Thai oud would smell like. Typically, the origin of most Thai agarwood trees is actually Cambodia. Saplings were imported from there and planted in Thailand, and they are the source of most of the so-called "Cambodi" oud oils today.

But what about Thai oud, extracted from agarwood trees native to Thailand? What would that smell like?
Distilled exclusively from wild Thai agarwood, the scent of Kritsana Pa is full of surprises.

The only thing I can think of, as I inhale the opening notes, is white lotus. Not blue lotus which is crisper, nor pink lotus which is more pungent. After a few minutes, the powdery-sweet scent of frangipani and champaca starts to emerge, with herbaceous green undertones. Far from typical Thai oud oils that are fruity, there are hardly any fruity notes here.

And then, the woody notes begin to surface, revealing the biggest surprise. This oil doesn't smell like any other Thai or Cambodian oil I've tried before. Had I not known of its Thai origin, I would have imagined this was a Malaysian oud!

Imagine digging your nose into a paulownia wooden box that has housed the finest Japanese incense for decades. Elegant, sweet-balsamic, and with an incensey accord verging labdanum, the aroma is something I had never expected to experience in a Thai oud. Utterly delicate and gentle, there are no sharp tones generally associated with ouds from Thailand.
Kritsana Pa was distilled in a copper pot - which amplifies floral tendencies - so the floral note of lotuses permeates the entire scent spectrum from opening to drydown.

An exquisite oud from The Land of Smiles, Kritsana Pa is sure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your soul.

Kristsana Pa is very good, it reminds me of the sweet honey mountain air I experienced in the summer at the Blue Mountains Australia,The smell is very complex with many different notes twisting around delighting my senses. Amazing stuff, well done and thank you.
T.D. (Australia)

The Kritsana Pa is amazing.
It is very "alive" and has a wonderful spicy wood base that is always present.
On top of that is a kind of floral, sweet note that might be fruity but not fruit.
It comes and goes layering off and on the spicy wood notes.
Overall a very comfortable and pleasing scent.
It really shows that Thai oils are to be taken seriously.
M.T. (Canada)

"Kritsana Pa" is wonderful. I have a sample and it's the best Oud I have smelled yet. I am quite new to Oud so I am not an expert, but this Oud is very smooth and refined.
A.G. (Germany)

Sorry for bothering you, but I can't get "Kritsana Pa" out of my head! I catch myself almost everyday going on your website, reading the description of it, reading the reviews...
A.G. (Germany)

It may indeed come as a surprise that this oil was composed by nature. But through Taha's genius I am blessed with an oil that is not only refined but has the qualities that only wild harvested wood can convey.
The tranquil blooms of lotus is evident through out the oils journey. I also detect narcotic hints of frangipani and jasmine too. The oil develops to a woody accord reminiscent of my beloved Japanese incense. Punctuated by the sweetness of Vanilla. This is truly an oud to be experienced...
B.V. (Australia)

The Kristana is so alive..... quite intense in a good way!
T.S. (USA)

It is a very clean oil, no off putting notes whatsover. For me it is fruity and woody at the same time. I actually like the fact that it is not a "loud" oud, this one is only for those nearest to you, but it lasts a very long time. I applied it before going to work around 8AM and I could still smell it at 4 in the afternoon! I'm sure I will have more thoughts as I apply it a few more times, but this is a really great oil. One that can be worn in any setting (office, out to dinner, or even just relaxing on the beach) which is really nice!
S.K. (USA)

More woody than anything else and a bit fruity.  It has a definite Cambodian style but isn't jammy like most Cambodian ouds I've tried.  There were moments when the woodiness reminded me of sandalwood and the fruity notes evoked a sense of oranges.  There was a bit of a green note in there that smelled like mint to me.  A minty orange-citrus woody oud. 
C.S. (USA)

Kritsana Pa, now this stuff is refined. Personally, I can almost tell this is a Thai oil, only due to the fact that I get the orange and yellow colored fruits that in my limited experience, have been from Thai oils. This isn't a sticky or jammy fruit though. This is a FLORAL fruit. I also definitely pick up a light floral incense, and the color of this incense is green. Not minty at all, nor is there any harsh smoke. Just ever so slightly herbal, leafy. This greenish, slightly fruity, floral, and soft and smooth suede-like incense character is what seems to run through the entire wearing. What a delicate, beautiful oil this is!
C.W. (USA)

I've been continuing to enjoy the Kritsana Pa. What a beautiful oil! I just love the journey of it. It is such a wonderful experience to put on a dab and follow the progression, from flowers to wood, over the next couple of hours.
Customer (USA)

Strong brewed black tea, infused with wild flowers, sweetened with honey, swirled  together, melding into one heady, glorious scent, sometimes separating briefly before joining together again. There are hints of bitterness, and of pepper, not always present, that peek out occasionally, causing me to take notice and pause and wonder, “now, where did that come from?”; these unexpected surprises compliment the floral perfectly, adding depth and complexity and mystery. After a while, the wood slowly emerges, and by the time it does, it is so familiar that I realize it has been there all along.
I loved this oil! It is truly a gift from nature.
C.M. (USA)