Oud Product

Khmer Special K

No fruits, flowers, or leather. And most certainly no aromas that belong in a farmhouse, outhouse or slaughterhouse.
This, ladies and gentleman, is a wild-crafted Cambodian oud done 'right'.

The raw material consisted of close to 30% sinking-grade agarwood, the highest I have ever achieved for Cambodian oud. In this day and age, it is virtually impossible to do so.
From a purely quality perspective this is the finest, highest quality Agar Aura Cambodian oud oil ever distilled – and most likely ever to be distilled.

Slivers of pure oleoresin-more-so-than-wood, gently fuming on a low temperature heater. Undertones of sweet sun-cured tobacco. A touch of menthol. A pinch of spices one commonly finds when heating well-resinated Cambodian or Vietnamese agarwood chips.
But that's just the outer edges.
At its core, its sweet condensed milk, vanilla, and the sort of sweet powdery-woody glow you encounter when you uncap a vial of finely-powdered black kyara.

No "artisanal acrobatics" were used to tinker with the aroma, no silly tricks that might have earned a "hmm, that's interesting!" but would have warped the true essence of the wood. As with all of my hand-made oils, the aim was simple: to pay the mightiest homage to the raw material itself.
And if the raw material is extremely high quality, as was the case for this oil, a distiller doesn't need to employ clever tricks to make the oil smell awesome. All that's required is connecting with the pure essence of the aroma, and then implementing all the right parameters that will cajole that out of the wood.
Okay, yes, easier said than done.

Opt for quality. Experience the difference.

Incredible oil. Take your Special K, light a few coals underneath, sprinkle some chilli powder, add some purple candy to give it a bit of softness and prepare to cut through all superficiality. This oil is like a warrior epic.
R.S. (UK)

Outstanding kinamic Cambodian by Taha - no fruit here, this one is all wood, resin, bittersweet vapors..
The scent progression of Khmer Special K is fascinating - it opens with this almost impenetrable blast of camphorous resin, feels almost like menthol in the nose. As time goes on though a extraordinarily rich/saturated floral kinamic nectar emerges and the camphor recedes..
J.M. (USA)

The KSK is a formidable oil. How Taha extracted the Kinam notes from a Cambodi, which bears no olfactory resemblance to Cambodi ouds, is beyond me.
P.O. (USA)

Regarding the khmer SK V2, well let me say that the smell is out of this world it is the best oud ive tried till now , i can not stop sniffing the oil and smelling my wrist and hands loool , it does worth every penny paid.
T.A. (UAE)

I think it is certainly well worth its cost, it's a wonderful top-shelf oil, a real study in an evolving landscape shrouded in kinamic atmosphere..
J.M. (USA)

Red kinam. Pursat on steroids. Not just a scent. It is alive. The oil and resin is bubbling on low heat and makes ones head feel weightless. Elevating and ethereal. Clean pristine buzzing and bitter thru and thru. Marvellous stuff. Quite settled and at ease. Very balanced and performs with a sense of maturity.
R.S. (Canada)

For evening wear it was the red dressed cigar smoking powerhouse businesswoman Khmer special k. What a mind buzz. Terpene overload. Bitter as hell in most amazing way.
R.S. (Canada)

Really very special one ! Luxury at it's highest level. Silky smooth Cambodian heaven.
Indeed the best Cambodi ever from AA which contains around 30% sinking grade stuff also.
S.A. (Bangladesh)

this one definitely brings the bitter-sweet kinam qualities - not like any Cambodian oil I've smelled before
J.M. (USA)

This thing is a tenacity monster. Can still faintly detect it on my wrist after 12 hours which included three full surgical scrubs! Beast mode!! This oil is the Cambodi version of a kinam oil, but with a dark side. Dark but delicate burning incense, bitter, medicinal, with the green kinam notes building and building during the drydown. No tutti frutti, no fermented notes, no red cambodi profile.
P.O. (USA)