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Kyara To Byakudan

The successor to two of Agar Aura's most popular attars ever, Kyara To Byakudan combines the best of what Jinkoh To Byakudan and Kyoto had to offer.

Agarwood and sandalwood in a Japanese incense mix are a match made in heaven. But if you've tried layering agarwood and sandalwood oils together, you'll realize its not an easy task to make the blend smell good.
Our Jinkoh To Byakudan (Japanese for 'agarwood and sandalwood') was an exception to the rule, featuring copious amounts of oud and sandalwood oils.

Kyara To Byakudan takes it to the next level.
Here you have wild Crassna agarwood and small-leaf Santalum Album sandalwood oils, spiked with the enfleuraged smoke of vintage 'old mountain' (Mysore) sandalwood. And to top it off, the enfleuraged smoke of genuine Japanese-certified sinking-grade green-oil kyara.

You know this has got to be good.

If you have handled glutinous sinking-grade green-oil kyara before, you know that its aroma is so rich and potent that just by touching or smelling it, the aroma will be stuck in your nose and on your fingers for hours.
Had this not been an unusual quality that high grade kyara possesses, it would have been impossible to compose this blend within a feasible budget, as it would have required over ten times the quantity of kyara that was used for enfleuraging.

Like its predecessor Jinkoh To Byakudan, this attar has an equally-balanced emphasis on the agarwood and sandalwood notes, neither one dominating the other all the way to the drydown.

We are proud to offer the very first perfume oil in the world that contains the extract of genuine kyara, certified by one of the five leading incense companies in Japan.

Potent yet smooth, dignified and refined - Kyara To Byakudan is Agar Aura's finest Smoke Infusion series creation.

Note: there are NO smoke 'emulators' in Kyara to Byakudan (amber fossil resin, birch tar, cade, etc.). The smokiness is purely from the smoke enfleurage and the oud & sandalwood base note fractions.

I absolutely love it. Your Japan-inspired attars were all great but this one could be the best. Besides the heavenly scent, this oil has the ability to put me in an euphoric state, an effect that I have experienced only a very few times before.
A.G. (Germany)

Kyara To Byakudan is very beautiful. I love how it has a light yet refined smokiness. It is a very relaxing creamy-sweet and woody scent. I find it to be exceptionally close to the scent of burning high end Japanese incense....which I'm a huge fan of. In my beard the scent lasts all day. Truly a worthy addition to my aromatic collection!
C.B. (USA)

Received the package and I must admit that the oil is an absolute bliss. The initial blast of agarwood is awesome and then it turns super green. After few minutes Oudh starts coming again. Truly love it and balance between sandalwood and agarwood.
D.J. (USA)

Yes, I like it a lot!
Just can't stop wearing it! I'm slowing my breath when inhaling it to catch more and more nuances and it amazes me every time.
D.K. (Russia)

Really nice. The smokey notes from the enfleurage are amazing! Sweet, spicy, incense in a bottle.
M.N. (Canada)

Applying a swipe of KtB and the driving with the window open seems to 'activate' the Kyara in the blend... I was out and about the other day and as I was driving caught a whiff of Kyara from what I thought was the countryside... I thought wow that smells like Kyara then realised it was the KtB!
T.P. (UK)

The Kyara To Byakudan is wonderful. Knew immediately that I would order a bottle of it when I smelled it.
M.I. (USA)

ve applied a small swipe of JtB and KtB on opposite arms on 3 separate occasions for evaluation. I find the opening of the 2 very different.  KtB opens for the most part with a very 'green' sandalwood scent, green in the sense of vibrant and of the forest. I say most part as one time I didnt get the opening of sandalwood only oud with the sandalwood coming in later.
JtB opens with a sweeter buttery sandalwood..softer with a more feminine profile. After about an hour I found the sandalwood in KtB slowly give way to the oud, with the forest vibrancy give way to a darker profile. Like morning giving way to evening, night. Then I started to notice the subtle smoke and kyara scent. I burnt a stick of Kohgens excellent Kyara incense to liken the 2...unmistakeable and a discernable difference in the 2 oils. The sweetness in KtB comes in about this time melding with the oud smoke and kyara...nicely tempering it so it's subtle and not over bearing sweetness. As a personality its more complex, revealing many facets as opposed to JtB which now after several comparisons seems rather more montone in its presentation.
Need to spend a lot more time with summary so far I've found their like non identical twins...they share a common DNA but how they present is very different. JtB is definately the more feminine of the two to my sensibilities...KtB more masculine and ultimately a more complex personality...a triumph of alchemy Taha! Brilliant...
T.P. (UK)

Kyara to byakudan is one jewels of mixture and balance, really magnificent, brother Taha you are an expert in the field.
F.Y. (Germany)

The oud and sandalwood complement each other beautifully! Very well crafted...just like a high end Japanese incense!
Customer (USA)

So far it's reminding me very much of high-end Japanese incense. Sitting on the subway now & getting subtle hits of sandalwood & star anise. :)
E.S. (USA)

Wow...a masterpiece!
Customer (UK)

Man, I've really come to love this blend! Yes, it is smoky, but it is also silky, yet crisply defined, like "liquid incense", Japanese style. Wait, did I just re-define the concept of your attar? Ha, I totally did! Not intentionally though :). Well I guess you must have succeeded with what you had set out to do…
C.G. (USA)