Oud Product


Agar Aura's previous Japanese incense-inspired blends have been outstandingly popular, but Kyoto marks the launch of our new 'Smoke Infusion' series and give incense lovers an experience like no other.

Take a look at the ingredient list of the finest Japanese incense mixes, and you notice they are short and simple. It is the quality of the raw materials and the precise ratios in which they are used that sets them apart.

In that vein, Kyoto was formulated with minimal ingredients. But its more than just a concoction of essential oils. What makes it unique is the fact that its infused with the smoke of fine Vietnamese agarwood, vintage Indian sandalwood, as well as the smoke of honey. The painstaking and time-consuming process of enfleuraging the smoke took almost a year to complete
And its no exaggeration that this is literally incense in a bottle.

Formulated using some of the most traditional ingredients, Kyoto is an olfactory journey several centuries back to the imperial court of Japan. Unscrew the cap, and you would almost think there is incense burning right under your nose.

A word to the wise, if you are a fan of agarwood or sandalwood, you don't want to miss out on Kyoto.

What a delight it is! I must thank you for providing me with a little sample of this one, its absolutely amazing. I dont know why, but even before reading its description on your website, the smell immediately took me to Japan! Thats all I could think about, Its amazing how fragrances work with your memory and your senses.
H.H. (Turkey)

Kyoto is super incense-y! Maybe it's the dryness? The sandalwood in it smells so especially good :-)
M.W. (USA)

So, Kyoto is fantastic!!! So powerful and long lasting, really enjoyable. Complex. The smokiness is far more successful and elegant than I could have guessed. Really adds to the atmosphere this oil creates. Really like bubbling oud chips. Lovely. You can consider this a successful experiment as far as I am concerned and I hope you continue to work with this technique in the future.
J.P. (USA)

Wow!  WOW!!!
Kyoto is the best thing I've smelled yet!  It's perfect in its simplicity.  It is smoky sandalwood incense and absolutely stunning.  The agarwood still shines through but doesn't totally wipe out the sandalwood, which is a meek note by comparison.  The smokiness is rich without overpowering.  It is so well balanced I think I need a full tolah!  This is bottled beauty! 
C.S. (USA)

All I can tell you is that this stuff smells incredible. Truly. I feel like I'm inside of a warm, fragrant cloud of smoke, minus any noxious "smokey" (i.e., combustible) notes.
E.S. (USA)

"Kyoto“ is great! It’s bright and friendly but at the same time deep and mysterious - and smoky. I admit that I am not the biggest fan of Sandalwood, but the "smoky“ Sandalwood in "Kyoto“ is really nice. The whole scent is perfectly balanced and has indeed a calming effect on me. I also like the subtle Honey-note which softens some of the rougher edges and makes "Kyoto“ very sophisticated
A.G. (Germany)

Lots of oud, oud smoke, sandalwood and sweet incense notes. It is mostly reminiscent of burning incense, but it also has a deep, woody, sweet and fruity side in combination with the smoke. Its a great work of art, and very unique.
D.C. (USA)

I have to admit, I am impressed. This is anything but a traditional men's fragrance, but nonetheless, it is an impression work of fragrance art. The immediate smell hits me as being deep cherry cola. I say cherry cola, because at the same time I smell the dark fruit of the smoke, the scent plays havoc on my taste buds and nasal cavity as if my palate gets hit with an overload of sensory input in the form of fruit and carbonation. It's almost like smelling what cherry cola taste like without actually drinking anything. I would have to say that being incensy smelling would be a too smoky of a description, as it would be more like the remnant of a piece of clothing that has been saturated by the smoke a fine smelling piece of Cambodian or Hindi agarwood and the smoke smell has completely dissipated to leave just the finest aspects of the deep fruity agarwood scent. I can definitely pick up the sandalwood as smoke, because it differs from a sandalwood oil, as well as some other ingredient or ingredients in the background that I can't quite figure out but to justice in blending well to fine composure. All in all, it is a quite pleasant linear blend that stays consistent in the same scent spectrum for quite some time (I applied it at 10 pm last night and can still smell a faint reminder at 11 am the next day).
E.T. (USA)

Smells exactly like incense sticks!
A.J. (U.K.)