Oud Product


Meet the Nagaland family.
There's Mahabali. Burly, stern and clearly the patriarch, his personality is intense and firm (with sisters like his, he's gotta be). He'll remind you of a Pehlwan... stern brow, broad chest, and twirled fat whiskers.
There's Kalyani. She's gorgeous, but shy.
Then there's the dainty Lavanya. She's pretty, and she knows it. And she flaunts it.

Since early 2016, when global agarwood extinction finally started kicking in in earnest, Agar Aura started conducting a lot of simultaneous 'sister distillations', i.e. using the very same raw materials to produce multiple batches of oud oils with vastly different scent profiles.
Our Nagaland sister distillations Lavanya and Kalyani are an example of that. Exact same wood, two vastly different oils. Both batches are unique and they captures a different facet of the many profiles intrinsic to the raw material.

When you heat raw agarwood from Nagaland, you will find that it has the prettiest aroma out of all the regions of India.
That prettiness is the facet that Lavanya captures. And I can promise you, the aroma surpassed even my own expectations.

Utterly beautiful, clean, otherworldly, pristine. No traces of even the wood that contained the precious oleoresin... let alone any foreign elements like fecal, animalic, barnyard, or other notes.

I actually had half a mind to never sell this oil, but it is up on the website now, so needless to say I changed my mind. Some treasures are worth sharing.

The scent: pure Nagaland agarwood oleoresin excised and isolated.
Sweet agarwood resin, powdery soft hints of Neroli, peach preserves, and a dash of white pepper.

Like her predecessor Lalitya (from the northern reaches of India), Lavanya reveals another side of Indian oud: breathtaking beauty.
And this time, its from a region that's already well-known for producing the most beautiful Indian agarwood to begin with. Take that and process it with Agar Aura Gen3 distillation, and you get just about the most beautiful Indian oud you've ever smelled.

Wow . I must say lavanya is such a beautiful oil . Heck if I could I would buy another . Actually I might . It's such a comforting sweet oil .
T.D. (USA)

Breathtakingly beautiful Indian beauty ! Nagaland oud has some REAL spiritual properties of it's own kind.
S.A. (Bangladesh)

What a gourgess lady!
The best way i can describe her is somehow like a young sensual woman.. Where Chamkeila is a more sexy, Lavanya is more Innocent and pretty, sweet and pure. I took my wife to the ballet Onegin. A classical love story by Alexander Pushkin.. Somehow it enhanced the feeling of both the music the choreography and the oud.
Lavanya is like your first lover.. pure and innocent a bit shy or mysterious but, never timid or lack of self esteem..
Scent wise it stays sweet on my skin. Not like fruits or candy more like a mix of roses, sweet pea and gardenia but not heavy or heady. More calm and fresh. Some similarities to skin in the opening.. but not strong or body odour more like a baby's skin.
I also get that licorice root taste, but more in the background. Where as with Chamkeila its the main chord that sticks out on my skin.. Very flowery and feminine.. and really beautiful. Very friendly.. Im sure its impossible to not like her. For anyone regardless of if they like Oud or not
There where many people sitting around me, but no one frowned their nose or locked at me with disapproving eyes..
Defiantly a winner and a true beauty.. Very addictive and amazing!!
S.V. (Norway)

Lavanya..what can I say. I'm glad you went gen3 this time (and perhaps never turn back).
Pristine, smooth, refined. the likes of sutera and ceylon 1.
M.S. (Malaysia)

Lavanya: Peppered tea?
C.W. (USA)

I personally find these oleoresin emphasis oils extremely compelling and certainly crazy addictive. They have certainly expanded my olfactory horizon. There is some serious craftsmanship going on, not to mention that the wood had to be great.
P.O. (USA)

It is actually on everyone's "need to get list," however most people do not realize it is on their list..
P.O. (USA)

Such a unique hindi experience man...even the non barnyard Hindis in the past are quite different from this type of profile
T.G. (Dubai)

My brother ***** loved the lavanya. Haven't seen him light up for an oud in a long time.
T.G. (Dubai)