Oud Product

Oud M1

I present to you Agar Aura's first oud oil distillation after our relocation to Malaysia. Oud M1 is a direct result of the popularity of our affordable oud Sweet Siam.

Extracted from a combination of super (i.e. sinking and near-sinking) grade agarwood shavings and oil-rich agarwood chips, Oud M1 is proof that when you have full control of every step of the oil production process, you can create an oil so remarkable and yet affordable that it would be impossible to achieve somehing like this in a typical commissioned distillation scenario.

The gaharu hunter/distiller is now a full time employee of Agar Aura. For this reason, fantastic raw material - which otherwise would have cost quite a lot - was readily at my disposal.
The super grade agarwood shavings were technically 'free' for me, since they are of virtually no value in the wood market. Our large Chinese and Vietnamese clients are only interested in large high grade chunks, and our Arab clients are interested in chips only.
So the only cost elements in a situation where the hunters and distillers work for you are: the fixed cost of financing the hunting expeditions, paying for the water and heating costs, and modest salaries for the hunters and the distiller.

Another way to put it is: had this oil been distilled by anyone else, who did not have Agar Aura's unique position of ownership and control in every step of the process, a bottle of this oud could easily (and justifiably) be priced north of $500.
I am convinced that when you smell this oil, you will most likely consider this to be your absolute best oud purchase ever. You simply cannot beat the value this oud offers. Quality-wise its aroma rivals Agar Aura's finest offerings ever - the likes of Kemenyan, Royal Kampuchea, and Cantik Candan, but at around half the price.

The scent profile-
Deep, dark, rich oudy woodiness. Yes, that absolute 'OUDINESS' that comprised the majority of the scent spectrum of our other Malaysian oud oils like Agar Supreme, Sempurna and others.
A dash of warmed cocoa beans. A dollop of honey-sweetened vanilla ice cream.
Some herbal-peppery-spicy notes which I immediately associate with smells that I encounter in Malaysia, but have yet to be able to identify.
Subtle notes of fall fruits and gentle florals. After all, Oud M1 was distilled in the same remarkable century-old Cambodian copper pots as Cantik Candan. This gives it a fruity-floral creamy sweetness.
And yes, its green, both in color as well as the scent profile. Not a sour green, but rather a combination of crisp sweet wintergreen, crushed fir needles, peeled wood bark, and cool jungly moss.

So there you have it. That's the story behind the price, and as accurate a desciption of the aroma as I could give.
Enjoy. Really.

It seems to have all the best qualities of all the oils in its genre that I am familiar with, yet it is somehow much more richer, and smoother. kind of a gentle giant if you will.
J.S. (USA)

I got M1 today and it blows my other recently acquired Malaysian oud away. In fact next to M1 it smells worse than swamp bilge :( M1, on the other hand, has lovely floral and sweet vanillic notes, and a cool crispness that feels so fresh and sassy that I can easily imagine it at home breezing down Alpine slopes or careening down Class IV rapids. For the price it’s a little gem, Ta. What a sweet start to your Malaysian adventure!
M.W. (USA)

Oud M1 to me is the smell of Asian forest during the monsoon season, its so fresh and vibrant.
M.D. (UK)

I must say not what I was expecting from a malay oil...but it fits your description perfectly of being green. I have two other green smelling oils both wild and from Indonesia....both look green too. The M1 takes it to another level though being alot more multifaceted and complex, very refreshing and wearable and smooth.
T.G. (Dubai)

0-60 minutes
Very Herbal, almost Camphoraceous

Hour 1 -Hour 4
Lightly Herbal

Hour 4- Hour 5 (5:30)
Great 'sweet spot' of fragrance

Hour 5-Hour 7
A lighter version of Hour 4

Hour 7-7:30
Another solid sweet spot.
The real wood begins to show its face

Around Hour 9
From here on out, this smells like the base notes from wood that I have been listening to in the Kohdo-style. The first hour is very strong, and tapers down to about Hour 15. 

I get a solid 24 hours of wear from this in the lovely Hot, Humid Georgia weather we have right now.
The first 12 Hours is an interesting show, with the first 4 Hours being herbal. The wood really begins to show around Hour 4, and from Hour 7 onward is where the real show from the oil begins.
Overall--I'd say this is the best oil I've seen from AgarAura so far. It's the closest I've seen to a Kohdo-style layered burn.
J.D. (USA)

Another stunner. Reminded me of earth, rain, tinged with sweetness.
R.O. (USA)

I like all your oils that I have purchased up to now. Of the three latest I like Oud M1 most, it is earthy, but uplifting, greenisch, fresh.
E.O. (Switzerland)

Still analyzing them.. but I must say I love M1. It is a classic oud with a sweet (choclateyyy) top note..followed by wonderful smoky and oudy aroma.. it is perfect!

S.S. (USA)