Oud Product


If you still haven't boarded the Malay oud lovers' bandwagon, Mahkota is sure to win you over.

Mahkota along with its closest sibling (in terms of both the aroma as well as the mind buzz) Malaya are the poster-children Malaysian oud oils that demonstrate what happens when oleoresin-rich, dark, old agarwood is used for distillation instead of conventional "oil-grade wood" (beige wood that typically sells for $5-$25 per kilo).

There's the buzz of course.
Mahkota hits the brain hard, so make sure you have some duct tape close by to keep your jaw in place. Mahkota will take your brain to a different space.

Then there's the aroma.
There have been only five Malaysian oud oils in Agar Aura's history which smell identical, and I mean absolutely identical, to the aroma of burning Super King grade Malaysian agarwood, and Mahkota is one of them.
Cinnamic-anise-peppery, vanillic-cacao bittersweet, cola-nutmeg-jaggery candy, and with just the right amount of umami to mimic the experience of heating agarwood chips.

If you enjoyed Cintaku, Suka Cita or Royal Sumatra, you're going to love Mahkota.
And if you loved the mind-warping effects of those three, prepare to be hit with the heaviest hitter yet of that genre.

I just received Mahkota 🤯🤯🤯 MashaAllah what an amazing creation! I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases.
S.O. (Saudi Arabia)

Love the way the green pepper cola notes in top turn bitter and more yunani in mid and dry down.
D.P. (India)

Mahkota. Man I love this one so much. An insane amount of sharp, medicinal, bitter and astringent kinamic buzziness with just the right amount of round sweetness for perfect balance.
- Customer

Wow that buzz! Those crazy bitter clove/cinnamon astringent notes! Oh man! It’s pretty ridiculous.
M.L. (USA)

Mahkota today. Another powerhouse malay. Super cola notes.
A.Z. (USA)

This stuff is phenomenal. Clean for ages. I swiped one of my old friends with this one and he thought its an attar. That's how layered this is. The notes he mentioned were Bitter Almond, Vanilla, Anise, Fennel, Peppery spiciness and of course high grade oud. He was totally bowled over with this one.
H.S. (USA)

Its pretty ridiculous man. Incredibly well done Taha. It’s almost got this Sri Lankan vibe with the oceanic/aquatic astringency in the second phase. 
M.L. (USA)

getting something I can best describe as ginger....
Just lovely
- Customer

It’s freaking fantastic Taha. And I know when things stick in my mind like it has it’s something pretty special.
M.L. (USA)

Finally after months, 8-9? this oil has arrived. big brass balls. deep. malaya level of opening. the profile here stradles many oils: the cola notes of hulu/ayu, the purple of malaya, the spice of and avatar psychedelics of bericlau, malaya but it also has a green and a unqiue shade of green only before seen in ensar's old legend: kynam emerald. a sick, off the charts, out of this world, papua like, malay! there are distinct notes of nutmeg and aged cinnamon oil present too. lovely stuff.
R.S. (Canada)

Just tried last night Mahkota and what an amazing intense smell
Way better than malaya I think
V.D. (UK)