Oud Product

Mai Wan Lao

If your favorite oud oils are the ones that zone you out and get the back of your brain tingling, chances are you're a fan of Indian or Chinese oud. And its probably safe to assume its the 'barnyard genre' oils from those two countries that get you in that zone, like nothing else does.

A quick glance at the GCMS lab report of a wild-crafted Indian Agallocha or Indo-Chinese Sinesis will show you why agarwood from these two regions possess this quality. Fermentation of the wood prior to distillation (i.e. funky/barnyard oud) somehow makes the effects of the oil even more discernible.

Now imagine if a Sinesis oud could do that... without the funk.
Its a new scent category of oud (total population to date: 3) that I discovered purely by accident, while running some Gen4 distillations.
I like to call it 'barn without barn', and the phenomenon seems to occur (at least so far) with only a select few batches of Agallocha and Sinesis agarwood.

Mai Wan Lao is possibly the richest, most captivating, and most dynamic oud you will ever smell. And its of the 'barn without barn' sub-category.

This is Lao Chen Xiang's sister distillation. If you smell the two on separate occasions, you may hardly even make the connection between the two. But apply each of the oils on your wrists, and you will start to notice the common core.

Lao Chen Xiang, being a Gen3 oud, presented to you the most sublime and pristine aroma of Laotian Sinesis. It was something new under the sun.
Mai Wan Lao is also something new, and entirely different from everything you've smelled before. It is not only Gen4, but on top of that it is of the 'barn without barn' category. And so it possesses the additional mind-bending qualities of fermented oud – without the fermentation/funk.
In fact, if you smelled our first Laotian oud, Lao One, you will be amazed to find that the scent profile is nearly identical to that of Lao One – but completely devoid of the animalic and feral layer. And far, FAR richer and deeper due to the superior Gen4 distillation methodology. The depth has no bottom, and the aroma is so complex you'll discover new facets every time you smell it.

Opening with a blast of raw Sinesis intensity, you're first greeted by a deep red cherry sweetness (very North Vietnamese). The primeval scent notes of Sinesis aren't far behind though. The Umumburi and ginseng bitter notes soon follow. Unlike the deer musk type of muskiness found in Lao One, here it has more of a primal 'twang', like hyraceum. And since Gen4 actually encompasses the Gen3 scent profile within it, you'll even catch glimpses of the beautiful sweeter, greener shimmery notes. This oud is all lapping layers of syrupy red and crystalline green, cloaked in a cloud of austere incense.
Best of all, if you're a fan of oud oils that have notes of tea and Chinese medicine, the drydown of this oil has them both in spades.

There are only a few other oud oils that we've crafted that are a notch above Mai Wan Lao in intensity. But when it comes to possessing raw energy and an extremely dynamic aroma, Mai Wan Lao is unparalleled.